Monday, July 1, 2013

Goldmine Meeting June 22, 2013

hyllis opened it up for the last time as Presiding Officer. Joyce shared a Thought and introduced Jessica Keyes who led the day's meeting with the theme: "Hodge Podge." Steve shared a joke (or was it two...or three??)

The word of the day was "fanfaronade" and Kathy, as our Grammarian, counted the number of times it was said. For it to be such a long word, about five people said it, and some multiple times! Phyllis rang the bell and counted the ballots while Dale took the time.

Shyam led the Table Topics section. Leigh Brooks (Alex's niece) chose not to participate. Table Topic participants had to choose a coin from different countries and times. Their task was to tell what they were doing in that country at that time.
  • The first Table Topic speaker was Jay Johnson whose coin was from South Africa 2005. He talked about going on a "Safari" in 2003. It was really Animal Kingdom at Disney World!
  • Joyce Preston got a coin saying "India 2008." She recalls drinking a glass of wine and having a strange dream of India with Shyam as her tour guide!
  • The third speaker was Serena Edwards. Her coin was from Canada in 1987. She got there via the TARDIS time machine she found someone had built in Salisbury.
  • Steve Boles' coin said "Netherlands 1998." In typical Steve Boles' fashion, said he had an out of body experience, which is how he wound up in Netherlands.
Jessica shared some "hodge podge" trivia including the fact that tigers are stronger than lions, even though lions are the "king of the jungle." In fact, baby tigers eat 8-10 lbs./day. We also learned where the unicorn myth came from: In Africa, there is a gazelle with thin horns that when it stands sideways, looks like it has only one horn.

Prepared speakers includes Sam Mullis, who spoke out of the CC manual, Your Body Speaks. His speech was titled "Lost...Really?" His speech was a folk tale about a bunny named Rudy. Mike Hall spoke on "Darts....It's Not Just a Game," also from the CC manual, "Get to the Point."

Richard Archer led the evaluation portion of the meeting as General Evaluator. Alex Porter evaluated Sam and Hal Levin evaluated Mike.

Table Topics Speaker: Jay Johnson
Speaker: Sam Mullis
Evaluator: Alex
"Ah" Stick: Mike

Business Session:
  • July 13: Tall Tales Contest and Ice Cream Contest
  • July 1: Dues are due! (See Thomas, our new Treasurer)
  • Aug. 10: Awards Banquet/New Officer Installation- Need nominations for Community Leadership award and a coordinator for the event
  • Voted to have ribbons put on side of new banner

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