Monday, July 22, 2013

Goldmine Tall Tales Contest - July 13

Goldmine's Annual Homemade Ice Cream and Tall Tales Contest kicked off to a great crowd from around the state. Ice cream judges tasted the yummy ice cream concoctions of the following participants:
  • Michael Hall
  • Jessica Keyes
  • Phyllis Kombol (2 entries)
  • Teresa Porter (Alex Porter's wife)
  • Dale Wagstaff
  • Sheila Mullis (Sam Mullis' wife)
After the tasting of the ice cream, everyone else got taste peachy, cherry, vanilla and other delicious flavors! The Tall Tales program then started with our Sergeant at Arms, Kathy Kombol, who opened up the contest with a call to order and pledge. Our new President, Serena Edwards, gave us a warm welcome and the Contest Chair, Thomas Kombol, gave the opening remarks.

The Contest Master, Phylis Kombol, started the Tall Tales contest with the first randomly picked contestant.
  • Ron Crews "Crews Control" - Ron's speech was about his auto engineer dad whose '50 Buick Special ran on White Lightning (mountain moonshine). The story goes that the newly suped-up, turbo-charged "race" car, ran off the side of the mountain and into Cooter Petty's yard. Richard Petty, Cooter's son, was given the car to use. And the path the car took down the mountain became known as the Smokey Mountain Expressway. Crew's dad also made the contribution to the automobile industry: "cruise (crews) control"!
  • Bill Mentz "Country Livin'" -   Bill's speech centered out his town of Iron Station and his "experimental station" or otherwise known as a farm. He was going green before going green was the popular thing to do. He planted potatoes on the hill, a magnet with BBs inside to attract fish, goats to eat the grass and fertilize the grass. And goat burgers aren't "baaaad" either! He was also responsible for mixing popcorn and grits, to create the first self-stirring grits!
  • Ken Miller "Benny the Bomber" - This speech was about Ken's Uncle Ben who used to give him and his brother boxes of baseball cards. Uncle Benny seemed like the coolest uncle. But Ken's dad used to tell him, "Things are always as they seem." Uncle Benny used to run a store called "Bombers," and one day Ken saw the back room, which he was never supposed to see. Turns out Benny the Bomber was running a numbers racket for half the city!
  • Alex "Concealed Carry" - Alex never wears short pants out of respect for those who have to see his knobby knees and pasty legs. One day when he went to the hospital, doctors and business men kept coming into his room. When they left, there was a barf bag outside the door. He was offered a job at the hospital as the Director of Patient Procurment. He would go around town in shorts and no shirt making people sick. However, the first day he caused a traffic jam, people sued the hospital. After that he had to carry a "Concealed Carry Permit" for his legs!
  • Dale Wagstaff "The Worm Farm Mishap" - "Elmer Johnson" (Dale) told us about J.T. Garber's worm farm. J.T. was on vacation when "Elmer" went to his worm farm to help out. The farm rasied worms for their "poop." Their poop is their "bread and butter." Earl and Junebug came up with an idea to help the worms poop more. Metamucil always helped Earl's grandmother so they mixed it in with the worm feed. But at 2 a.m., the worms were passing gas like crazy and built up some bad methane gas. A worker, Philipe, lit a Cuban stogie and the whole thing exploded! Philipe wasn't seen for days after he spent the night in an oak tree. Earl was fired for his crazy idea!
  • Jessica Keyes "The Tomato Whisperer" - Two summers ago, Jessica's family wanted to grow tomatoes. After two weeks, nothing. Then she decided to talk to the the tomatoes. So she talked about her day, told them stories, and then played music for them. They started to grow, and grew bigger and bigger. She then started singing to the them. After they picked their huge tomatoes, she had to share her secret to the rest of the family. The real secret was that her mom had accidentally dumped too much Miracle Grow on them!
  • Sonny Tolbert "True Treasures" - Sonny was walking along on the beach and picked up a normal looking seashell. But when he put it up to his ear, something inside bit him! It was a fiddle crab (cause it was playing a fiddle). When he tried to squish him the crab (speaking in an Irish accent) started talking to him. His name was Crabster. Sonny asked why he tried to bite him and he said his ear was smelly. Crabster then took Sonny on a trip to the bottom of the sea to teach him about "true treasures." He showed him Shrimpster, Lobster, Sharkster, and Whalester, a giant jellyfish and ship wrecks: memories you never forget. Next thing he knew, Sonny was back on the beach talking to an empty clam shell. 
Contest Interviews followed the speeches while the ballot counters (Thomas Kombol and John Shepherd) took up the judges' ballots and counted them. Serena shared some announcements. They included TLI West on July 20, 3rd Annual Family Weekend on July 26-28, Summer Speech Spectacular on August 3, Goldmine Annual Banquet and Officer Installation on August 10, and District 37 Humorous & Evaluation Contest on October 25-26 (fall conference).

Contest Master, Phyllis Kombol, announced our winners:
1st place Ice Cream Contest: Teresa Porter: "Jack the Ripple"
1st place Tall Tales Contest: Dale Wagstaff

2nd place Ice Cream: Dale Wagstaff: "Grandma's Old Fashioned"
3rd place Ice Cream: Phyllis Kombol: "Peachy Keen"

2nd place Tall Tales: Bill Mentz
3rd place Tall Tales: Sonny Tolbert

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 6 roomful of stars

July 6, 2013, the stars were out for Goldmine Toastmasters at 8:31 in the morning!  Presiding officer Serena called the meeting to order, and that was a task!  Hal’s thought of the day “Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgment” made US think. After the pledge, he gave control (using the term loosely) to our Toastmaster of the day, Steve.  (Whoop, whoop!)  He eventually told us that July is national blueberry month, ice Cream month, AND national hot dog month; but that Saturday was National Chicken Wing Day!  Many famous people were born in July, including our own Georgia!
Cynthia, obviously known by Bubba since he seems to know all the important people, made us laugh with her Bubba joke.
Table Topic Master Jessica gave Thomas the opportunity to explain why if he had to change professions, he’d rather be a coach than a welder, since coaching (probably soccer) was so closely related to teaching.  Phyl explained how the office shared by a crossing guard and miner could be called ”Obey or Die,” since the miner could dig graves for those who did not follow the crossing guard’s instructions. Georgia shared insights on the challenges of being a gardener, especially keeping those pesky horses from eating all your grass, which of course you would have to hope would get enough rain….seems little doubt of the rain adequacy this past few weeks! Matthew had to fess up to having wanted to be a Navy sailor, but having never told anyone.  Hey, Matthew, your secret’s safe with us…ALL of us…and a few others who might read it here…
Prepared speeches were given by Alex and Bill.  Alex had us wondering what Jane and John would have said about how we all sometimes take our responsibilities as citizens too lightly.  He persuaded us that we should be an informed voter and possibly even file for an office (showing us that according to the local paper, filing opened this past week). Bill gave us “Overtime,” sharing insights from many parts of his life that has convinced him that being an advocate of fairness and justice was an appropriate goal for his post-retirement life, along with an exquisite appreciation for the non-ordinary, which would include having some “useless” time each Sunday morning, when we are not contributing to the GDP for an hour or so.
Dale, who suggested the phrase “fail forward,” coordinated our evaluators, John and Richard who evaluated Alex’s and Bill’s speeches, respectively.  Sharon reported about use of the word pedantic. Steve used it the most, but we all agreed that Goldmine meetings are seldom pedantic. Joyce was able to report that everyone was within their time limits, so the voting concluded and Mike gave Bill the best speaker award (and recipient of the Ah Stick), John was best evaluator, and Thomas was best table topics speaker.
 Our visitor Blanche (Joyce’s mother-in-law) probably wondered what we put in our coffee, but she had a good time, and commented on how we made it look easy!
Our business session included reminders for as many officers as possible (and anyone else interested) to sign up to go to the TLI July 20 (go to D37 website).  We also did final planning for the Saturday July 13 Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream contest.  See you all there!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Goldmine Meeting June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013
            We were small in numbers but we were big in fun. Two visitors, Jay Johnson and Wilfred Ruck, performed three meeting roles between them and walked off with two coveted prizes as well. Wilfred was Jokemaster, Timer, and Ah Stick Winner, Jay was Grammarian and Table topics winner. Had we presented such an award, Sybil Ruck would have easily taken home most attractive visitor.
            Other members present were: Joyce Preston, Presiding Officer and Prepared Speaker; Al Minter, Thought of the Day Presenter and Prepared Speaker; Alex Porter, Toastmaster of the Day; Kathy Kombol, Ballot Counter and Table Topic Speaker; Sam Mullis, Table Topics Master; Steve Boles, Speech Evaluator; John Shepherd, Speech Evaluator; and Gerry Fenner, Table topics Speaker and General Evaluator.  Gerry was a good sport for she took on the role of General Evaluator  at the last minute, taking the place of Hu Gno, who didn’t show because his wife, Ho Gno, said , “Oh no, you can’t go, Hu.” Actually, the Toastmaster was relieved when Hu didn’t show, for Hu & Ho were both figments of his imagination, he just didn’t want the leave a blank on the agenda.
            Sam, in keeping with the Independence Day holiday, asked Patriotic questions.
Jay Johnson, in telling us about “The Bill of Rights” somehow got off into Catherine the Great’s legacy of giving legal rights to common citizens in czarist Russia . He is a man who can truly shoot bull and get away with it. He should consider going to Washington .
            Kathy Kombol proved to be very good at B.S. as well, rambling on about her understanding of the Fifth Amendment. Sadly, I wonder how many judges’, senators’, and bureaucrats’ understanding of the Fifth Amendment might also be based upon watching TV cop shows.
            Gerry Fenner struggled valiantly and mightily about the Freedom of the Press. She was visibly relieved when her green timing light appeared and took it all in good-humored stride.
            Both Joyce and Al presented captivating talks. Joyce’s was entitled “Resiliency.” She spoke from the Competent Communicator Manual, project 2, Organize your Speech.
She told us, “Sometimes life’s lessons can be found in the simplest of objects.” Joyce told us the rubber bands have taught her to focus on results, make lessons of failures, and support or reinforce each other.
            Al gave us an Ice Breaker, “Who I Am,” explaining how different people in his life made him disciplined, diverse in interests, and compassionate. He owes it all to the nuns at Catholic school, his father, and his mother.
            Steve Boles evaluated
            Best Speaker: Al Minter
            Best Evaluator: John Shepherd

Goldmine Meeting June 22, 2013

hyllis opened it up for the last time as Presiding Officer. Joyce shared a Thought and introduced Jessica Keyes who led the day's meeting with the theme: "Hodge Podge." Steve shared a joke (or was it two...or three??)

The word of the day was "fanfaronade" and Kathy, as our Grammarian, counted the number of times it was said. For it to be such a long word, about five people said it, and some multiple times! Phyllis rang the bell and counted the ballots while Dale took the time.

Shyam led the Table Topics section. Leigh Brooks (Alex's niece) chose not to participate. Table Topic participants had to choose a coin from different countries and times. Their task was to tell what they were doing in that country at that time.
  • The first Table Topic speaker was Jay Johnson whose coin was from South Africa 2005. He talked about going on a "Safari" in 2003. It was really Animal Kingdom at Disney World!
  • Joyce Preston got a coin saying "India 2008." She recalls drinking a glass of wine and having a strange dream of India with Shyam as her tour guide!
  • The third speaker was Serena Edwards. Her coin was from Canada in 1987. She got there via the TARDIS time machine she found someone had built in Salisbury.
  • Steve Boles' coin said "Netherlands 1998." In typical Steve Boles' fashion, said he had an out of body experience, which is how he wound up in Netherlands.
Jessica shared some "hodge podge" trivia including the fact that tigers are stronger than lions, even though lions are the "king of the jungle." In fact, baby tigers eat 8-10 lbs./day. We also learned where the unicorn myth came from: In Africa, there is a gazelle with thin horns that when it stands sideways, looks like it has only one horn.

Prepared speakers includes Sam Mullis, who spoke out of the CC manual, Your Body Speaks. His speech was titled "Lost...Really?" His speech was a folk tale about a bunny named Rudy. Mike Hall spoke on "Darts....It's Not Just a Game," also from the CC manual, "Get to the Point."

Richard Archer led the evaluation portion of the meeting as General Evaluator. Alex Porter evaluated Sam and Hal Levin evaluated Mike.

Table Topics Speaker: Jay Johnson
Speaker: Sam Mullis
Evaluator: Alex
"Ah" Stick: Mike

Business Session:
  • July 13: Tall Tales Contest and Ice Cream Contest
  • July 1: Dues are due! (See Thomas, our new Treasurer)
  • Aug. 10: Awards Banquet/New Officer Installation- Need nominations for Community Leadership award and a coordinator for the event
  • Voted to have ribbons put on side of new banner