Monday, June 24, 2013

June 8th @ Goldmine

Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer, called the meeting to order, welcomed our guests and introduced Bill who shared the Thought authored by Charles Darwin, “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”  Thereafter, Serena, our Toastmaster for the Day, took the helm and introduced June Brides as the theme for the day.  The memory of her wedding in June 2012 served as inspiration for the theme.  She immediately relayed that more couples marry in June than in any other month.
Al, our Jokemaster, generated much laughter as he recanted canary jokes that we enjoyed as children. It was especially funny when most of the Goldminers answered all but one of the questions:   Al, “Where does a Canary sit?”  All, “Wherever he wants.”  Al, “What does a Canary say to a Cat?” All, “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.”    We were sure we knew the answers to all of Al’s questions until he posed the following:  “What social disease do canary’s get?”  All, no answer.   Al, untweetable Chirpes!

Sam established the table topics theme of age-old questions burning for answers. 

Table Topic
“Why do cats have whiskers?”
To feel their way around and sense things
“Why don’t possums have hair on their tails?”
Possums sleep in tress at night and wrap their tails around the tree. 
“Why do dogs chase their tails?”
For entertainment.
“Why do birds sing?”
To please us.
“Why does Bill run?”
Because he can; because he wants to run and because he is driven.

Serena then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:

·         Thomas  “Camps on Campus”  (CC Manual, Project #9)
·         Hal           “Can you Spare a Dime;  A Story of Change” (CC Manual)

Matthew filled the role of General Evaluator and called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
      ·         John evaluated Thomas
·         Richard evaluated Hal

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Kathy
Best Prepared Speaker:  Hal
Best Evaluator:  John
Ah Stick:  Thomas

Business Meeting (led by Phyllis Kombol):

·      Goldmine is well on way to President's Distinguished club status.  We need one more Competent Communicator and two new members. We expect Kathy Kombol and Georgia Carlton to be reinstated. 
·      TLI – July 20th at UNCC
·      Bylaws Update approved by membership
·      New Officers voted in: 

o   Serena Edwards – President
o   Shyam Narayan – VP Education
o   Cynthia Randolph – VP Public Relations
o   Matthew Charity – VP Membership
o   Sharon Davis – Secretary
o   Thomas Kombol – Treasurer
o   Kathy Kombol – Sergeant at Arms 

The meeting ended at 10:09 am.

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