Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiring Wellness at Goldmine, June 15, 2013

Goldminers heard the benefits of exercise, meditation and eating right expressed in the day’s theme, Table Topics and prepared speeches. Cynthia Randolph, the Toastmaster of the Day, high stepped and stretched as she approached the lectern and shared that people who exercise as little as 15 minutes a day have a 14 percent lower mortality risk than people who don’t exercise at all.   In an attempt to cajole those who were not excited about the theme, Cynthia relayed other benefits of exercise; Working out boosts blood flow to the brain, improves mental abilities and helps you sleep better.  

Sam joked that if we exercise more, and eat less, we get rid of the keg!  (He motioned to his belly :))
Steve encouraged Goldminers to exercise their noggins by answering the following questions: 

Table Topic
“Pull ups, sit ups or squats; of the three, which is your favorite?”
Sit ups because I can sit down. 
“Why don’t marathon runners smile during a race?”
I don’t agree that marathon runners don’t smile.  It’s just that their smile is a wave or thumbs up when you hand them the water cup just right.   
“What was your favorite exercise as a child?
Children don’t necessarily exercise, they play activities.  My favorite exercise was boxing.

 Cynthia then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:

·        Phyllis  “Find this Precious Commodity”  (CC Manual, Project #9)  - Silence is a precious commodity in our world.  This speech focused on the benefits of meditation and silence.
·        Gerry    “Just Think About It” (CC Manual, Project #2) – Our will to live has to be greater than foolishness to die!  - This speech focused on making the right food choices (eating right) and the consequences of not eating right. 

Goldminers were inspired to make changes in their lives that can lead to physical, mental and emotional wellness.
Hal, our General Evaluator, called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:

·         Shyam  evaluated Phyllis
·         Al evaluated Gerry

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Jessica
Best Prepared Speaker:  Gerry
Best Evaluator:  Shyam
Ah Stick:  Al

Business Meeting (led by Phyllis Kombol):

·         New/Reinstated Member Inductions:   Congratulations Gerry Fenner and Kathy Kombol!
·         CL/CC Award Recognition:  Way to go Cynthia Randolph!
·          Tall Tales & Homemade Ice Cream Contest will be held July 13th.  Sign up today!

The meeting ended at 10:06 am.

June 8th @ Goldmine

Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer, called the meeting to order, welcomed our guests and introduced Bill who shared the Thought authored by Charles Darwin, “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”  Thereafter, Serena, our Toastmaster for the Day, took the helm and introduced June Brides as the theme for the day.  The memory of her wedding in June 2012 served as inspiration for the theme.  She immediately relayed that more couples marry in June than in any other month.
Al, our Jokemaster, generated much laughter as he recanted canary jokes that we enjoyed as children. It was especially funny when most of the Goldminers answered all but one of the questions:   Al, “Where does a Canary sit?”  All, “Wherever he wants.”  Al, “What does a Canary say to a Cat?” All, “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.”    We were sure we knew the answers to all of Al’s questions until he posed the following:  “What social disease do canary’s get?”  All, no answer.   Al, untweetable Chirpes!

Sam established the table topics theme of age-old questions burning for answers. 

Table Topic
“Why do cats have whiskers?”
To feel their way around and sense things
“Why don’t possums have hair on their tails?”
Possums sleep in tress at night and wrap their tails around the tree. 
“Why do dogs chase their tails?”
For entertainment.
“Why do birds sing?”
To please us.
“Why does Bill run?”
Because he can; because he wants to run and because he is driven.

Serena then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:

·         Thomas  “Camps on Campus”  (CC Manual, Project #9)
·         Hal           “Can you Spare a Dime;  A Story of Change” (CC Manual)

Matthew filled the role of General Evaluator and called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
      ·         John evaluated Thomas
·         Richard evaluated Hal

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Kathy
Best Prepared Speaker:  Hal
Best Evaluator:  John
Ah Stick:  Thomas

Business Meeting (led by Phyllis Kombol):

·      Goldmine is well on way to President's Distinguished club status.  We need one more Competent Communicator and two new members. We expect Kathy Kombol and Georgia Carlton to be reinstated. 
·      TLI – July 20th at UNCC
·      Bylaws Update approved by membership
·      New Officers voted in: 

o   Serena Edwards – President
o   Shyam Narayan – VP Education
o   Cynthia Randolph – VP Public Relations
o   Matthew Charity – VP Membership
o   Sharon Davis – Secretary
o   Thomas Kombol – Treasurer
o   Kathy Kombol – Sergeant at Arms 

The meeting ended at 10:09 am.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer, called the meeting to order, welcomed our guests and introduced Jessica who shared the Thought, “Time is the most precious thing I’ve found” which was inspired by a Facebook post.  Thereafter Jessica led the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Sharon Davis, our Toastmaster for the Day. 

Sharon called on Serena who filled the Jokemaster and Timekeeper roles. Cynthia, in her role as Grammarian, relayed the word of the day, “usurp” and Sam explained the Ah Bell & Ballot Counter role.  Sharon invited Mike Hall to the lectern to lead the impromptu speaking portion of our meeting.  Following a brief intro, Mike introduced the Table Topics theme, “Fortunes.”

Table Topic
“A leader is powerful to the degree that he empowers others.”
To the extent that a leader extends power to those who report to him, he develops other leaders.
“Hard work without talent is a shame but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”
I disagree with the statement.  Hard work is always beneficial because it leads to a sense of accomplishment.
“Life is like a flower of which love is the honey.”
Love is what makes life sweet and I personally experienced it as a child from my parents and relish it in relationship with my spouse and children.

 Sharon then introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:
·         Dale       “The Danger of Arrogance”  (Advanced Communicator Manual, Project #2)
·         Phyllis   “Let’s Compare Rosaries” (CC Manual, Speech #8)
·         Alex       “An Incident at the Chopping Block” (CC Manual, Speech #5)

Jessica filled the role of General Evaluator and called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
·         Matthew evaluated Dale
·         Joyce evaluated Phyllis
·         Jerry  evaluated Alex

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Sam
Best Prepared Speaker:  Alex
Best Evaluator:  Matthew
Ah Stick:  Sharon

Business Meeting (led by Phyllis Kombol):
·         The following are scheduled to occur next Saturday:
o   Member vote on revisions to Goldmine’s.  Cynthia will send out the proposed revisions via email for member review prior to the meeting.
o   Member vote on club officers.  Members interested in holding a role should relay their interest to Sam or Richard.
o   Officer Meeting.  Phyllis will forward documents accordingly.
·         Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream Contest will be held Saturday, July 13 at 9:00 am.

The meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.