Friday, May 17, 2013

May 11, 2013 Goldmine talked about mothers.

May 11, 2013 at Goldmine we were small in number but big in fun.
Jessica started us off with a thought of the day.
Joyce’s joke had us thinking about the number and type of companies that might be “after” a worker requesting a raise, when it seemed that those companies might not be competitors so much as those hoping to get a part of the paycheck!
We were multitasking and juggling roles a bit, with Mike as Toastmaster inserting some interesting facts about Mother’s Day since that was our theme of the day. Originally honoring Greek goddesses, in the 1600’s Mothering Sunday was set aside to honor both the Virgin Mary and earthly mothers. In 1872, Julia Ward Howell (writer of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”) was a supporter, but it was not signed into law until May 8, 1914 advocated by Anna Jarvis.
Cynthia as Ah Bell/Ballot counter and Table Topics master of course asked some mother-related  questions:
Phyllis was asked what her mother instilled that has stuck with her.  The “Are you crazy?!” question she and her sister giggled about has become a reminder to think through the consequences of actions.
Our guest, former member Georgia Carlton,  told of a couple situations that her mother has been in that made for laughter: an episode trying on shoes when the fire extinguisher threatened to fall; and the story of threatening a tiny bug with a hammer made us laugh, too.
Joyce told of a creative disciplinary action she’d used when having to wear dirty clothes was the natural consequence of one of her children not bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room.
Our prepared speeches were Shyam’s Leadership Excellence Series presentation on “Giving Effective Feedback.” He used fabulous examples and a great handout to help us all absorb some recommendations. Sharon evaluated his speech with style.
Thomas used beautifully descriptive language get us excited about  the pleasures of “Mountain Biking” and to explain how it exercised all parts of the body and the mind as well. Jessica evaluated with both positive feedback and some ideas for building on his skills.
“Reflections on Mother’s Day” by Phyllis pointed out that motherhood as an ideal is highly overrated, suggested that mothers are just human, and offered some advice about showing appreciation to mothers. Joyce offered suggestions for refining presentation skills, but went a bit over the time allotted.
Serena acted as general evaluator and reviewed roles for the next meeting, which may also require some creativity to get all roles filled since several of our regular participants will be at the District 37 conference, including contests.
Since we were about multitasking, it seemed reasonable that Phyllis won both best Table topic and Best speaker, while Jessica won both Best Evaluator and the Ah Stick.
Reminders: officer voting coming soon; Tall Tales and Homemade Ice Cream Contest July 13 at Shelter #1 at Kannapolis’ Baker’s Creek Park on West A St., some strategizing about reaching our final Distinguished Club Program goals (need 1 more CC—probably Thomas, with Phyllis as possible backup plan; hoping to get 2 more new/dual/reinstated members)

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