Monday, May 27, 2013

Goldmine May 25, 2013

May 25, 2013 at Goldmine:  How can we have this much fun, and have it still be legal?!  Makes it worthwhile to get up early on Saturday mornings for this crazy group!

Hal opened our meeting with a thought. Joyce served as our Toastmaster for our meeting themed “Baseball, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet.” Serena told a joke and then made us salivate with pictures of pretty food while we pretended to be food critics for Table Topics.  Dale suspected the pretty fruit pie was fake calorie-free material; Georgia thought Thomas was trying to poison her with tomatoes on the Mexican chicken with pico de gallo; Hal was sure we would all want the cherry tart; Jerry was sure Serena had skewers of veggies and Italian-Polish sausage at every cookout. 

Phyllis shared travel tips for preparing to go to Australia; Sonny did an interpretive reading on “Dealing with Disappointment” from “Jay’s Jokes” that had us all remembering Jay and laughing;  and Thomas explained how to install low voltage landscape lighting, and shared some tips and tricks that he’s learned in his recent experience  .

Dale evaluated Phyllis; Phyllis evaluated Sonny; Jerry evaluated Thomas. Jerry was also Grammarian; not that we had much time to contemplate about the word of the day, “contemplative.”
We recruited Georgia to be both timer and ah bell/ballot counter, since we are also recruiting her to resume her membership.
ultitasking was rampant! We are well on our way to having Thomas finish his CC for our 9th Distinguished Club Program goal, which will make Goldmine “President’s Distinguished” again!  Phyllis is also close to done with a second CC, which she will share with her secondary club Funny Bone 2 if Goldmine’s goal is reached.

Joyce, Phyllis, Thomas, Georgia, and Sonny shared highlights about the District 37 conference. The learning sessions were diverse, the youth program had a great turnout (and a surprise bonus of Krispy Crème visitors), the contests were a real treat, as were the keynote speakers.

Georgia closed the meeting by distributing awards: Hal won best Table Topic; Sonny won Best Speaker; Dale won Best Evaluator, and Georgia kept the Ah stick for herself!

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