Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Small Crowd, But Big Laughs on Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our meeting started a couple of minutes late as we prepared for what would be an abbreviated Goldmine meeting.  With an unusually small crowd in attendance, Shyam Narayan, our presiding officer, called the meeting to order and introduced Sunitha Nalla shared the thought of the day and introduced Sam Mullis, the Toastmaster for the meeting.  

Sam immediately shared how excited he was to fille the role of Toastmaster and relayed that in the designated hour, he planned to pose several Table Topics questions.  But before beginning that segment of the meeting, he called on John, our Jokemaster.  While we may have been initially stumped by the simplicity of the question, thereafter most of us caught on. 

John:  How do you  put a giraffe in the refrigerator?  Blank stares.... John:  Open the door, put the giraffe in and close the door.  Us:   Ah........   John:  How do you put and elephant in the refrigerator?  Shyam:  Open the door, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in and close the door.  John:  you're catching on. Now, the Lion is having a conference and all of the other animals went except one.  How do you get across the river filled with alligators to get to the conference.    Lots of gasping.....   John:  Swim across - All of the alligators are at the confernce.  :)

Filling the role of Grammarian, Shyam explained his role and defined the word, "Condign," which means fit, appropriate, deserved.   Shyam acknowledged Sam's use of the word in his initial introduction. Thereafter Hal and John explained their roles as Ballot  & Ah Counter and Timer, respectively.

Sam introduced himself as the Table Topics Master and shared the reason we have a table topics segment.  Although he did not introduce a theme, his initial questions were about current events:

What do you thing of tax payer funding for the Bank of America Football Stadium?  John answered that he doesn't know a lot about the topic, but as long as Jerry Richardson is able to ride in his yacht, he sees no reason for taxpayers to fund a venture that will be to his benefit.

What do you think of Charlotte Douglas airport being run ba a regional airport authority?  Hal said although not aware of the details, he suspected it would be a good idea because it removes politics from the picture.

In general, what are your thoughts about taxpayer funding for private enterprise?  Shyam - Given the very name of the business - "private" and where the resulting benefits go, he does not support taxpayer funding for private enterprise.

Tell us about yoru favorite beverage?  Sunita  - Coffee
Tell us about your favorite vacation?  Anna Parra (a guest)  talked about a vacation in Williamsburg, Va.

Lastly, Sam asked one of the members to ask him a question.  John asked Sam, "During Christmas, if you could be anyone other than Santa, who  would you be?  Sam said Grandfather Chrismas and proceeded to tell the difference in Santa's and Grandfather Christmas's costumes.  We collectively told Sam he sandbagged with his answer and laughed.  I guess since Sam is in the business of being Santa, he just couldn't himself in one of the other characters shoes.  

Sam called on Cynthia to evaluate the meeting which was short but very effective.  Hal awarded Shyam the best Table Topics Speaker Award and Sunitha received the coveted Ah Stick. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:16 so that members could attend the District 37, Division B Spring 2013 International Speech and Table Topics Contest.  Steve Boles, a member of Goldmine was competing in both the International Speech and Table Topics Contests.

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