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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I forgot about being the blogger (still not sure what that really means) for April 13th’s Goldmine meeting. I probably forgot because Friday the 13thcame on Saturday this month.
Present were members Phyllis, Karen, Thomas, Steve. Matthew, Cynthia, Serena, Joyce, Jerry, Sunitha, Al, Hal, Shyam, Sonny, John, and Alex. We also were delighted to have handsome Miles Randolph attend as a guest.
Phyllis started the meeting almost on time. John Shepherd gave us a thought about education not being preparation for life, but life itself. Toastmaster of the Day, Karen Boothe, then introduced Jerry Weikle who proved to be more of a Chokemaster than a Jokemaster with one of the lamest gags ever told. Thank God, I have forgotten it.
Not to be outdone, Serena proved to be anything but serene ringing the ah bell and Cynthia Randolph had a meltdown trying to explain how she was going to time the proceedings. She was actually much funnier than the Jokemaster.
Table Topics
All of that chaos was followed by Alex Porter’s brilliant explanation and use of a little known word, “druther,” in the table topic questions.
  • Hal Levin, having tried both, druther have age and experience than youth and folly.
  • Joyce druther have a pet than no pet. Turns out she and her dog Hershey are real buds,
  • Sonny druther have a flat tire than a dead battery, but druther have neither.
  • Shyam druthertry high heels than the flats he’s worn all his life. Then his wife would not be taller than he is when she wears her heels.
By the way, the noun form of druther is druthers. Used correctly in a sentence - ” If I had my druthers, I wouldn’t have to write blogs.”
Prepared Speeches
Steve Boles and Matthew Charity both practiced their contest speeches. Oh junk, that was tonight and I forgot to go, too. Probably wrapped up by now. Steve spoke on being his daughter’s hero and Matthew told us about life defining moments. Both were very verygood.
Thomas Kombol, sporting his new “get a job/businessman” hairdo and shaven chin, led us in evaluations. Sunitha Nalla (that is such an easy name to learn after Shyam Narayan) evaluated Steve, and Phyllis Kombol evaluated Matthew. After round robin evaluations of the two speeches, Al Minter gave the Grammarian's report.
  • Serena presented awards to Joyce Preston, Best Table Topic;
  • Matthew Charity, Best Prepared Speaker;
  • Phyllis Kombol, Best Evaluator, and
  • Sunitha Nalla carried home the coveted tongue deprsessor, bless her heart
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