Thursday, April 11, 2013

March 29 Backward Meeting

Long-time Goldminer, Richard Archer, led this crazy group of Toastmasters in a meeting that started at the end and ended at the beginning. This Backward Meeting started with Ballot Counter, Jerry Weikle, presenting the awards (BEFORE anyone had spoken!):

"Ah" Stick: Richard Archer
Best Speaker: Cynthia Randolph
Best Evaluator: Dale Wagstaff
Best Table Topic Speaker: Steve Boles

Then our President and Presiding Officer, Phyllis Kombol, conducted the business meeting and announcements. Upcoming contests (in backward order): May 17-19: District 37 Contest, April 24: Division B contest, April 18: Area 14 contest, and April 4: Goldmine contest.

Phyllis presented to Joyce Preston an award for recruiting new members. There will be a Lead & Succeed event on Tuesday, April 30 at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte. More information available at 

Serena Edwards, VPE, reviewed next weeks' schedule and guests gave comments (Georgia and Candice). 

The meeting was then given to General Evaluator John Shepherd. He gave his overall evaluation on a crazy start to an interesting meeting. Mike Hall, in the grammarian role, gave his report for crazy words people "said." The timer (Thomas Kombol) gave his timer report, including a VERY long table topic from Shyam (14 minutes????)

Evaluators, Dale Wagstaff and Gerry Fenner evaluated speakers, Serena Edwards and Cynthia Randolph respectively, giving them much praise for a speech well done (but not spoken yet!) 

Then came the first (I mean, second) speaker, Serena, who spoke from the Entertaining Speech manual with a speech titled, "Are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person?" Cynthia gave her last speech in the Competent Communicator manual called "My Best Friend."

Shyam started the Table Topics with the answer to an unknown question. It all started when he went to the bathroom on a trip and wound up in a time machine, coming back after 14 minutes! His question from Table Topics master, Sharon Davis, was "Tell me a time when you wet your pants."

Phyllis answered her question, which was "Tell us your proudest moment as a Toastmaster." Steve ended the Table Topics round talking about food and other dramatic stuff, answering the question, "Tell me about your favorite food."

Timer explained his role, Ballot Counter explained his role, Grammarian explained his role, and Jokemaster, Jessica Keyes, gave a joke. In between these, thoroughly confused Toastmaster, Richard, introduced each one after they spoke.

Steve Boles introduced the Toastmaster, led the pledge, and shared his Thought of the Day: "The beautiful thing about a future is that it comes one day at a time and Practice makes perfect; nobody's perfect so why practice?"

The meeting ended with Presiding Officer Phyllis opening, er, closing the meeting.

Perhaps we should do more of them--we ended/started ahead of time at 9:50 a.m.! 


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