Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goldmine Meeting April 20

We may have been low in number with just seven members and no guests, but we were not low in fun! Shyam thought stepping in as Toastmaster last week would be easy. Sometimes things happen and people drop out for one reason or another. But no worries! Those present stepped up to take on extra roles and we all learned to work together to put out a great meeting despite low numbers!

Serena opened up the meeting (a little late) as Presiding Officer. Joyce gave a great thought and introduced Shyam as Toastmaster, who came up with the so fitting theme, "Things in your life you wish never happened." Karen told a joke (a college student thought she was a great cell phone customer when they told her she had an "outstanding" balance). Dale stepped in as Grammarian at the last minute, listening for good/bad grammar and the word the day: "crux." Karen also stepped in at the last minute as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Timer (triple duty! You go girl!) 

Dale was also the Table Topics Master and everyone was open game for a killer table topic question. 
  • Joyce answered the question, "Tell us about something you would like to forget about, but can't." She said that every experience is a life lesson, but didn't want to be so philosophical so she said she would like to forget that her college-age son has totaled three vehicles. 
  • Serena passed on her question
  • Shyam answered quite an interesting question: "You have a new company with the letters, N-A-S-A. Tell us what those letters stand for and what your company does." His company stood for "Never Again Shall I Ask." His sales pitch was "we can help you forget the things you wish never happened to you." 
  • Gerry's question was, "Describe the last wedding you attended" and two words were thrown into the mix: "tiger" and "precocious." Gerry described her wedding and a "tiger in his tank." If you weren't there, don't worry about it. TMI. 
Best Table Topics Speaker: Joyce 
Our two speakers for the day were: 
Joyce who told about her High Performance Leadership Project: "Speak" the movie. 
Alex whose nonmanual speech, "Don't Want No New Stinkin' Password," explained why he is not yet working on the Better Speaker Series. Both disqualified on time, so "Best Speaker" award. 

Serena evaluated Joyce's speech while Gerry evaluated Alex's speech.
Best Evaluator: Serena

Shyam took on the General Evaluator role, evaluating the meeting as "perfect" (well, I wouldn't go THAT far!) 

Serena led the business portion of the meeting. Much congratulations to Steve Boles for placing second in BOTH the International and Table Topics contests. Shyam placed third in Table Topics and Dale placed first in International for People Growing Together Toastmasters in Salisbury. 

REMINDER: May 4 is the Division B contest at 10:15 a.m. at Poplar Tent Fire Station. Please come out and support Steve and Dale. (Note: Because we have FOUR clubs in our area, both first and second place contestants get to advance).  We will be having a shortened Table Topics meeting that day. Also, Dale suggested that we advertise the contests more to nonToastmasters. 

Ah stick went to Alex Porter. Karen closed the meeting at 10:06 a.m.


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