Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forward we go!

The April 7 Goldmine meeting was done in the forward direction, in contrast to last week…what a relief!

Sharon’s opening thought was about how life is school for the soul; reminding us that we should always be thinking “What can I learn?” and “How can I serve?”
Dale served us very nicely as Toastmaster and Jokemaster, and sprinkled in some strange things you didn’t know:

  1. Rats can last longer without water than camels. 
  2.  Your stomach makes a new layer of mucous every 2 weeks so it does not digest itself. 
  3.  The dot over the i is a tittle (or is it maybe a jot?). 
  4.  A raisin dropped into a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down. (Thomas, with his nearly completed degree in science, explained that it’s because of nucleation sites…oh yeah, now we all really understand!?) 
  5. A female ferret in heat will die if it can’t find a mate. 
  6.  In the chariot scene in the movie Ben Hur, you can see a small red car in the background, and Charlton Heston is wearing a watch (oops!).
  7. Bruce Lee’s movements are so fast that they had to slow the film down so that his movements were visible. 
  8.  Celery has negative calories (burns more calories to eat it that is in it). 
  9.  Many years ago in England, whistles were baked into the rib of ceramic drinking cups, so that you could whistle to get the attention of the server when your cup was empty…hence “wet your whistle.”
  10. Charlie Chaplin once won 3rd prize in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest.

Gerry led Table topics with “Boy was my face red when…” prompting Joyce to tell about a flour disaster. Then Steve had to explain what he was afraid of…Failure! (especially not being the “good parent”); and Thomas described his favorite view out the window, which was the Blue Ridge Mountains in the spring, (though he left us wondering why he climbed out the window when most dorm rooms have perfectly good doors…there’s probably a speech in that).

Jerry presented a multi-part speech about cold calls and dealing with objections to close a deal, assisted by John Shepherd in role play, and concluding with a short discussion. Phyllis had us get to know Margaret Sanger with a project from the Storytelling manual designed to bring history to life. Bill spoke about the blessings of touch once people go beyond fear, and talked eloquently about the grace and work of “Touching.”

Sonny was general evaluator, coordinating Hal’s evaluation of Jerry’s presentation, Joyce’s evaluation of Phyllis’s story, and Thomas’ evaluation of Bill’s speech.
Richard served as timer. Sam was Ah bell & ballot counter, giving awards to Steve for Best Table Topic, Joyce for Best Evaluator, Phyllis for Best Speaker, and the Ah stick to Bill.


  • ·       officer nominations should now be communicated to Richard/Sam,
  • ·       officer meeting is planned for after Apr. 13 meeting,
  • ·       area contest April 18 at Cannon School at 6:30,
  • ·       Division B contest May 4 10-12 at the fire station at I85 Poplar Tent Rd.,
  • ·       District contests and conference in Greensboro May 17-19.

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