Friday, March 8, 2013

What a Roomful!

Twenty-three Goldmine members & four visitors. I do not want to type my finger off with all those names, so Goldminers included everyone except Jerry Weikle, Gerry Fenner, and Lee Johnston. Visitors were Elizabeth Davis, Ted McCrae, Bob Boylan, and Catherine Borell.  Miss Elizabeth came with her daughter, Sharon Davis. Ted was a guest of Karen Boothe, Bob is a former Goldminer back for a visit, and Catherine read about us on line.

Phyllis gaveled the meeting to order and introduced thought provoking Serena Edwards. Bill Battermann, Toastmaster of the Day, introduced the meeting’s theme, “Coming in like a Lion,” Dale Wagstaff gave us a joke about two guys who worked at a zoo dressed like a lion and a gorilla. That was the last we heard of lions or coming in like one. If there was more, I must have fallen asleep. Matthew Charity ardently served as Grammarian.  Richard Archer claimed he could hear just fine and counted ahs and ballots. Steve Boles timed.

Table Topics
John Shepherd was Table Topics Master. He asked his victims to draw from a collection of quarters he had carefully laundered. They were to tell of something that happened during the year their coin was minted.
·         Bob Boylan chose 1978, the year he joined Toastmasters.
·         Sunitha Nalla told us about her marriage in 1997.
·         Hall Levin turned 40 in 2000.
·        Mike Hall recalled that 2001 was the year he bought his first new vehicle and worked
second shift at Pass & Seymour.
·        Cynthia Randolph recalled not only was her second child, son Miles, born in 1989…it was the year she elected to have no more children.

Prepared Speeches
In prepared presentations: Sharon Davis, speaking from the Special Occasions Manual, accepted an award in “Thank you for this Award;”  Thomas Kombol worked from the Competent Communicator manual and, using lots of body language and humor, told us about “My Dog named Louie;” Shyam Narayan closed out the segment with his original and touching story entitled “Could Not Say Goodbye Again.”

Al Minter evaluated “Thank You for this Award”, Sam Mullis evaluated “My Dog Named Louie,” and Karen Boothe gave her thoughts on “Could Not Say Goodbye Again.”

Other Roles
Timer Steve Boles noted only one disqualification. Hall Levin proved to probably be entirely too honest to fill out his allotted time during Table Topics. Grammarian Matthew Charity and General Evaluator Jessica Keyes presented their reports. Both did thorough and thought provoking jobs.

Awards were presented by Richard Archer:

Best Speaker: Cynthia Randolph
Best Evaluator: Karen Boothe
Best Table Topics Speaker: Shyam Narayan
Ah Stick: Bill Battermann

New Member Induction
Sunitha Nalla and Dale Wagstaff were formally inducted into Goldmine Toastmasters.

Blog written by: Alex Porter

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