Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday, March 23rd @ Goldmine

Although it was raining outside, the Goldmine crew brought the sunshine with them.  Fourteen members were present and Dale Wagstaff brought two guests: Tracy & Todd Browning.
Phyllis Kombol, our president and presiding officer called the meeting to order.  She was immediately followed by Gerry Fenner who brought the Thought for the Day and introduced Thomas Kombol, our Toastmaster.  Roles filled by other members are as follows:

Alex Porter
Shyam Narayan
Ballot & Ah Bell Counter
Cynthia Randolph
Jerry Weikle
Table Topics Master
Richard Archer
General Evaluator
Phyllis Kombol
Evaluator 1
Alex Porter
Evaluator 2
John Shepherd
Evaluator 3
Steve Boles

  Richard facilitated Table Topics by asking the following questions:
·         Why keep the dollar with the advent of the debit card?   Cynthia said, “Because it is a good budgeting tool.”
·         Why keep signals on cars when people don’t use them?  Gerry said, “She doesn’t use them herself, but will because it helps to avoid accidents. “
·         Give the best argument for discontinuing the use of the US penny? Jerry said, “Because the penny is more expensive to produce than its valued and it is not widely used.”
·         Do you pay your bills electronically online?  If not, why? “Phyllis said, she doesn’t pay her bills at all.  Her husband does.“

Thomas, our Toastmaster, introduced the following individuals who delivered prepared speeches:
·         Karen    “You may be broke, but not broken” (CC Manual, Speech #8)
·         Dale       “Sad outcomes you can prevent today” (CC Manual, Speech #10)
·         Sam       “Not all receive medals”

Phyllis filled the role of General Evaluator and called on the following individuals to complete evaluations:
·         John evaluated Dale
·         Alex evaluated Karen
·         Steve evaluated Sam

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Phyllis Kombol
Best Prepared Speaker:  Sam Mullis
Best Evaluator:  John Shepherd
Ah Stick:  Thomas Kombol and Karen Boothe

Business Meeting:
·         Next meeting will be a Backwards meeting
·         Area Contest – April 18, Steve & Phyllis (1st and 2nd Place GM International Speech Contest winners)  and Shyam  & Steve(1st & 2nd place Table Topics winners ) will represent Goldmine; The Division contest will be held May 4th.
·         District Spring Contest will be held May 17-19th. Early Bird rate has been extended until 3/29. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:10 am.

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