Monday, March 18, 2013

Goldmine Contest Results from March 16

Contests are a chance to push ourselves to do our very best.  Getting better at any skill requires practice and pitting yourself against those who are more skilled than you. Goldmine contests are among the best! We certainly appreciated Karen’s role as contest chair, Thomas as Contest Toastmaster, Serena as Presiding Officer, Sam as Sergeant at Arms, and Joyce as Chief Judge. Special thanks to the other judges, to our timers, ballot counters, and to all who brought refreshments.

March 16, we had 6 contestants for the International Speech Contest:

  • ·       Steve Boles “You Are My Hero”
  • ·       Matthew Charity “Life Defining Moments”
  • ·       Phyllis Kombol “Who IS Papa?”
  • ·       Shyam Narayan “Moments that Take Your Breath Away”
  • ·       Cynthia Randolph “What Was I Thinking?”
  • ·       Dale Wagstaff “What Shall We Say Then”

We could have proudly sent any of these speakers to represent Goldmine at the Area contest!  All showed their best Toastmaster skills!  It was said that the judges really had their work cut out for them!
Steve won first place, Phyllis second, Matthew third. Congratulations to all!
In the Table Topics contest, the question was “If you could have the answer to any question without a doubt, what question would you want to know the answer to?”
Steve Boles, Phyllis Kombol, Hal Levin, Shyam Narayan, and Dale Wagstaff gave it their best shot to answer that one.  Shyam won first place, Steve second, Phyllis third.  Again, all contestants represented themselves and the club very well.
The top 2 will represent Goldmine at the Area 14 contest on April 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Cannon School.  Come support your contestants!

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