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Too Short, Too Long, Just Right, but not Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldmine 2/16/2013 
Too Short, Too Long, Just Right, but not Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our guest, Sunitha, got another view of the fun and craziness that can happen at a Goldmine meeting. Sonny was pressed into duty as Thought of the Day presenter, reminding us that one should always be prepared for the unexpected.   He pointed out to us that he was not prepared, as he had not combed his hair (though he mostly kept it under his hat, literally). Jessica tried valiantly to keep up on track as Toastmaster with the theme of “Heart.” Phyllis ventured back to hair with a joke about shampoo for dry hair and challenged members to use “exiguous” in her Wordmaster/Grammarian  role, which several members were able to do!

Joyce followed the Heart theme with Table Topics questions based on quotes about relationships:

  • Gerry explained that yes, a good marriage is like a casserole; that only those responsible know what goes into it. She said love, patience, laughter, understanding, and good cultivation as for a garden were in her recipe.
  • Serena agreed that love IS about sharing your popcorn (Charles Schultz’ quote), since as newlyweds of 8 mos. she and her sweetie have agreed that his stuff is her stuff and her stuff Is her stuff, but she DID share her Valentine chocolates with him even though she LOVES chocolate.  Now that’s true love!
  • Mike was overly succinct (too short), but said he was pretty sure that a guy knows he is in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple days (as Tim Allen suggested), based on his own experience of having his video gaming buddies notice that he’s less into gaming.
  • Dale explained that the Spanish Proverb “a kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt” was true as he now is back to having a mustache on the advice of his kissee after trying it both ways.
  • Phyllis, who did remember who Jack Benny was, took off from his quote “Mary and I have been married 47 years but never have had an argument that made us consider divorce; murder maybe, but not divorce.” Do you think we should warn her hubby that she thinks murder would be a lot better solution? Apparently not, since she won with her explanation!

Alex entertained us too well (and too long) with 5 vignettes from his new fall enterprise banding trees from canker worm moths in “Sticky Business Business” for the “Let’s Get Personal” project in the Storytelling manual. Mike’s evaluation of Alex’s presentation was just right, for which he won the Best Evaluator award.

Our best speaker of the day was “Just Right Jerry Weikle,”as he demonstrated how to “Go for the Sale” as a children’s bookstore owner in an advanced project with 3 parts (informative, role play, discussion) from the Persuasive Speaking manual.  He put it together with some books as props to make our room into a makeshift bookstore, with Joyce as a customer looking for a reason to buy “real books” over electronic media for a young niece, and discussion from the observers.  Dale was too long in his evaluation, so he did not qualify for an award, though he offered good feedback from his background in sales. Apparently he was hoping for more time in his evaluation since the project was a longer one.

Shyam served as our general evaluator, with a brief  overall evaluation, and our business session included reminders about upcoming International Speech and Table Topics contests: 

  • Club contest March 16 (Karen is contest chair so contact her if you are interested in being a contestant; Thomas will be contest master on that date), 
  • Area contest will be April 18 (location TBA), 
  • Division will be May 4 at the Poplar Tent exit of I85’s Fire Station community room
  • District contests will be at the Spring Conference when we will “meet in the middle” of the state in Greensboro the weekend of May 18.

Our Ah Bell and Ballot counter, Gerry Fenner, did not have to count many ballots to give some of the awards because of time disqualifications, but did count enough Ahs to give the Ah Stick to Serena, who was also our timer.

We made it all happen between 8:31 and 10:02.  Now that really was “just right!”

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