Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goldmine Meeting Feb. 2

**NOTE: We did not have a meeting on January 26 due to inclement weather**

 Today's meeting was low on numbers, yet high in fun (as always). We had nine members in attendance (Phyllis, Sam, Alex, Serena, Gerry, Joyce, Jerry, Thomas, and Cynthia) and two guests: Georgia Carlton (previous member) and Dale Wagstaff (member of People Growing Together Toastmaster club in Salisbury).

Cynthia Randolph shared a great thought for the day: the acronym HALT. If you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired, that is a recipe for temptation and disaster.

She introduced Mr. "Ain't Right," Alex Porter, led our meeting as the Toastmaster of the Day with the theme "Well-Grounded," with Ground Hog Day being that day. He even brought a "ground hog" as a visual aid (a sausage biscuit).

Sam Mullis started us off with a joke. Our newest member, Gerry Fenner, took over as Timer; Thomas Kombol took up the bell as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter; and Georgia Carlton did the Grammarian role.

Sam Mullis led the Table Topics section with some creative questions:
  • "President Obama is nominating someone for a new cabinet position. What would make you a good Secretary of Hijinks and Mayhem?" Georgia Carlton responded to this question. She said it is easier to fund the mayhem than to get rid of it. She would help the cities first, but this would be a job for Superman!
  •  "A major corporation is creating a new department. Why would you be a good Vice President of Mischief and Fun?" Dale Wagstaff answered this question with gusto. He said he would be perfect for this job because he was been doing this his whole life. He recounted a story of one particular April Fool's Day when he told his grandpa the toilet was leaking. When his grandpa returned, he told him, "You're going to be a terror when you grow up."
  • "There is a new school at UNC Charlotte. Why should you be hired as Dean of the first School of Practical Jokes?" Serena Edwards (that would be me) hardly attempted this question. She lasted 21 seconds before deciding to vote for Dale. 
No surprise; the Table Topics Winner: Dale Wagstaff!

Our speakers for the day were:
Phyllis Kombol's speech was for the Storytelling Manual, Project #3. The title of her speech, "Lessons for Linda."
Joyce Preston's speech, "Smove," was for the Competent Communicator manual, project #5, Your Body Speaks. All of life is about "smiling and moving."

Best Speaker: Joyce Preston

Evaluators were Cynthia for Phyllis and Jerry for Joyce. Serena Edwards did her evaluation as General Evaluator, loving it when a plan comes together! Best Evaluator: Jerry Weikle.

The meeting started on time and ended early (9:55 a.m.)!

Business Meeting:
  • Card passed around for Richard Archer (still healing)
  • Next Officer Meeting on Feb. 9 (to plan for speech contests)
  • Karen to be the Contest Master. If interested in participating in International Speech contest, have to have 5 CC speeches completed. 
  • Joyce presented $75 in gift certificates to Goldmine Club for reaching President's Distinguished last year.
  • "Speak" the movie will be presented on March 7 at 7 p.m. at Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Charlotte. Great time to invite someone who may be interested in Toastmasters!

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