Friday, January 11, 2013

Goldmine Meeting January 5, 2013

The first Goldmine meeting of the year yielded the largest cast of members we’ve had in quite a while.   Phyllis Kombol opened the meeting as Presiding Officer, shared the Thought of the Day and introduced Shyam as Toastmaster. Shyam introduced today's theme, “New Year’s Resolutions and quickly assessed that the great attendance was the result of a number of resolutions.

Sonny was the Jokemaster and Hal filled the Wordmaster role (word of the day: Recapitulate). Kathy took over the Ah Bell (few rings were heard, although counting occurred) and Ballot Counter. Al assumed the role of Timer.

Thomas led Table Topics with the following theme “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Sharon responded to the question, “If you knew you could achieve one New Year’s Resolution, what would it be? Her answer:  Self made millionaire.  Georgia responded to the question, “If you could have anything delivered to your doorstep, what would it be?  Her Answer:  A Farmhand to complete her chores before she gets up.  Lastly, Sonny answered the question, “How long has one of your New Year’s Resolutions lasted?”  Sonny said he keeps the same resolution from one year to the nextHave Fun!   

Cynthia spoke from the Competent Communicator Manual, Project #8. Her speech entitled, “Why?” spoke to the mass shooting tragedies we’ve recently experienced and suggested the root cause and remedy.   Alex shared the speech, “In the Offing,” from the Advanced Manual. His speech, which cleverly used boating words throughout, was followed by a question and answer session.  Jerry spoke from the Advanced Manual, Project #5.  During his speech, “Help Me; I’ve Fallen,” Jerry talked about the fiscal cliff and the challenges our government faces.

Today’s General Evaluator was Karen who introduced the evaluators of the day: Sam evaluated Cynthia’s speech. Steve evaluated Alex’s speech and Matthew evaluated Jerry’s speech.

Business Meeting:

Phyllis recognized visitors and reviewed roles for the 1.12.13 meeting. She also updated the group on Richard, who is at home recovering
  • New members Sharon and Geri (Former Member who has returned) were matched with mentors.
  • Dues are due! Give your dues to Sonny or mail them to him (an email sent out with his address)
  • Jan 12: Officer Meeting
  • Jan. 19: TLI. Available to all members.  Goldmine pays for all officers.  Each officer should register online and pay at the door. Sonny will then cover the fees at the door.
  • Additional announcements:  Matthew – New Goldmine Toastmasters business cards have arrived.  Everyone should have several to promote our club.  Sonny mentioned Goldmine’s annual gift to the staff at the hotel.

Today's Awards:
Best Table Topic Speaker: Sonny Tolbert
Best Speaker: Alex Porter
Best Evaluator: Matthew Charity
Ah Stick: Matthew Charity

Meeting started at 8:30 a.m. and ended at 10:14 a.m.

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