Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan. 19, 2013 Goldmine Mice

When the cat's away, the mice will play!  With several of our members away at the TLI training this morning, we were FEWER in number than usual (only 11 members), but those of us who were the "home mice" or going to  the afternoon training session had a squeakingly good time.  We squeaked by with 11 members and 2 guests (Gerry Fenner and Sharon's mother Miss Bettye), by having some people do double roles.

Our theme, set by our Toastmaster of the Day, Serena, had to do with MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech so Alex started us off with a Charles Dickens quote about people not being useless in this world as long as they lighten the load for others.  Jerry's joke about aces being a higher power left us needing a joke diagram until we finally caught up with him...we must've been dreaming! Then Al continued our Dream Theme as Table Topics Master.  Time Traveler Shyam's response, even though he is a Star Trek fan, was to travel back in time (not back to the future) to see dinosaurs, Astronaut Jerry, decided to "go west" (away from the sun?) to explore the other planets and their moons in our solar system. Ain't right Alex dreamed someone was chasing him, but I am still not sure whether it was the table topic or Shyam's dinosaur!  That was about as confusing as some dreams I've had!  As a matter of fact, I have no recall or record of who won!

I woke up a bit more for the prepared speeches: Alex's evaluation of Al's "Dynamics of Leadership" challenged him to "act like Steve" but that would be a really weird dream! Jerry praised Sharon's "Giving an Award" as Sam stood in as her award recipient, and challenged her to add more emotion and drama.  I won best evaluator for picking on Steve's gestures in his Impromptu Speech (topic randomly selected from 5 choices) "What do you think about Gun Control," and he won best speaker, by incorporating stories, logic, and persuasion.

Thomas timed very competently, and gave us the good news that we'd all stayed within our qualifying times, and Sam hit his award response spot-on the 1 minute mark. Sam's general evaluation was brief, Jerry's grammarian report also was brief since we'd used the word of the day "cacophony" only a few times, and the business meeting was also brief (mentioning a Weds afternoon demo meeting at Cabarrus Co. Gov't Center at 4pm--contact Tim Edwards if you can go!). 

Hal, having counted all the ah's, double clutches, etc. found only a FEW so he gave the awards (including the Ah stick to Serena for just a FEW infractions), and closed our meeting,having squeaked by a bit early, just a FEW minutes before 10.

At the end of the meeting we welcomed back Gerry Fenner as a new (returning) member of Goldmine and hope to hear her Ice Breaker speech next month.

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