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Goldmine Meeting Dec. 29, 2012

The last Goldmine meeting of 2012 had few attendees, but was lots of fun, as always. Phyllis Kombol opened the meeting as Presiding Officer and Jerry stepped in sharing a Thought of the Day and introducing himself as Toastmaster of the Day. Today's theme was "Resolutions."

Shyam shared a joke as Jokemaster, as Joyce filled in as Wordmaster (word of the day: riant). There was some discussion about the proper pronuniation of this word, which means "laughing, smiling, cheerful." Goldmine Toastmasters are a riant bunch indeed!

Phyllis took over the Ah Bell (ringing it diligently) and Ballot Counter. Jay Johnson (glad to have him visiting us from sunny Florida) stepped in as Timer.

Serena Edwards shared with us some New Year's theme questions, asking Phyllis: "What goal would you make if you knew you could accomplish it?" Her answer was that of being more grateful. Jay received the question, "What was your best and worst New Year's ever?" Jay didn't have a worst New Year's, and his best was coming to North Carolina, meeting Jay Nodine, and getting involved in Toastmasters. Shyam's question was "Who have you lost touch with that you would like to contact?" He said his roommate and friend from Michigan Tech.

Leading prepared speakers was Steve Boles, who spoke from the Entertaining Speaker advanced manual (#5). The title of his speech was "Three Stories About Acting: My Approach to the Business." This speech was both entertaining and enlightening. His speech was an 8-10 minute speech (time: 10:17).
Matthew Charity spoke from the Successful Club Series: Keeping the Commitment. He used a Power Point presentation and told us more about the Toastmaster Promise. Time limit: 12-15 min. (time: 12:29)
Thomas Kombol shared a speech from the Competent Communicator #3. Title was "What Causes Ice Ages?" We learned some quite interesting facts about the way our planet spins and some creative terms. This was a 5-7 minute speech (time: 3:02).

General Evaluator today was Karen Boothe who introduced our evaluators of the day: Shyam evaluated Steve's speech. Joyce evaluated Matthew's speech and Jerry evaluated Thomas' speech.

Business Meeting:
  • Reminder of the party at Shyam's house that night.
  • Dues are due! Give your dues to Sonny or mail them to him (an email sent out with his address)
  • Jan. 19: TLI. Email Phyllis if you are interested. She will be doing a group registration for all who are interested in attending! There will be morning and afternoon sessions. Registration is only $5! Even if you're not serving as a club officer this term, "electives" are being offered that cover a variety of topics you're sure to find of interest.
  • Johnny Campbell, DTM, Accredited Speaker, will be speaking at Cannon School on January 8 at 7 p.m. at Yawn Patrol's meeting. (Joyce sent out an email about this). 

Today's awards:
Best Table Topic Speaker: Jay Johnson
Best Speaker: Steve Boles
Best Evaluator: Jerry Weikle
Ah Stick: Thomas Kombol

Meeting started at 8:32 a.m. and ended at 10:10 a.m.

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