Friday, December 21, 2012

12/15/12 - Last Meeting Until the End of the World!

Dear Goldminers and Friends,

I've waited until what was supposed to be the end of the world at 6:00 PM today to write this blog.  I didn't want to waste your time if the end had transpired.  I could just tell you in heaven, or...oh never mind!

I was graciously introduced as your Toastmaster of the day by Hal, our Thought of the Day spokesman.  Being short on members but big on thoughts, I delivered the joke of the day.
Phyllis assiduously served as the Wordmaster (and speaker).  Jerry kept us on our toes as Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter (and speaker).  I told you we were short on members - perhaps they too were preparing for the end of times!  Jay, our dear Floridian, served as timer today.  He even lit the red light when it was 9:55AM, indicating the meeting should end soon.  I like that Jay!

Shyam, feeling quite festive as Table Topics Master, had everyone write 1 holiday word and 1 non-holiday word.  He placed them in boxes and had me draw one from each box for our participants.  They were to use the two words in the same response.

Jay - sand & lights - There are 7 different Boat Parades by Jay's house so he sees the lights go by while his feet are in the sand.

Karen - chicken & Miracle on 34th Street - Karen's favorite Christmas movie, especially in black & white.  Get some chicken and join her!

Al - hamburgers & peace on Earth, goodwill to all men - Men like eating red meat, hamburgers or steak, so this is good for peace and men!!!!

Hal - refrigerator & joy of giving - there's a joy in giving by connecting with others and food!

John - making Christmas easier & Jamaica - make it easier by skipping it altogether and heading to Jamaica.  Choose a charity or family to sponsor rather than satisfying ourselves, as we already have so much.

Winner - Jay - who will be hosting next year's parade for all Goldminers to attend in Florida!
Speaking of party, I can't wait to attend Shyam's soiree on December 29th.  Wear your crazy socks!

Our first speaker was Jerry, who caused us to Think Cabarrus First.  In a well researched speech, he shared with us the benefits of supporting our local businesses.

Our second speaker was Phyllis, giving her ice breaker speech, President's Role in Goldmine - How Does That Work?    She shared with us her growth in the club and in life!

Winner - Jerry

Our Master Evaluator was Karen who introduced Al and John respectively.  We're talking about two DTM's (Distinguished Toastmasters) here so the evaluations were cordial, concise and constructive!

Winner - Al

Was there a theme ?  Yes and no!  Originally it was Holiday Traditions but in light of the recent events in Connecticut, I wasn't feeling very festive so I "piggybacked" on Hal's thought about miracles and we focused on the future.

Special thanks to Phyllis who came up with a speech at 8:29 AM!!!!  A miracle, not when your a Goldminer because we IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL. SPEAK. LEAD. SUCEED.


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