Monday, December 24, 2012

Cold but Warm Dec. 22 at Goldmine

It might have been cold outside, but it was warm and wonderful as always at the Goldmine meeting December 22, 2012.  Maybe everyone was so glad that the world had not ended….

Al’s opening thought focused us  on serving others, Mike told us a “fake” joke, Jay served as grammarian to help us figure out how to use “foment.”  Serving as our Toastmaster of the day, Karen’s theme “Call to Action” was represented very well in her actions as well as some factoids between speakers.  One that stood out was the 63 million hours of volunteered in the US annually; find your way to serve!

During Table Topics, Steve teased us by sounding just like Santa, even though our own Santa Sam was not present. Then he turned right to his work, asking Richard to tell us about favorite holiday food (black eyed peas?!), Kathy about gift recycling (she “can’t recall”—oh what political skills!), and Jerry about favorite toys (we could envision him building with those Lincoln logs).

Sonny served us a great story, using vocal variety very well according to Phyllis’ evaluation of his “Three Questions for Santa Claus.” We hope he’s recording these stories for his grandson to enjoy again later.
In his second CC speech, Thomas did a great job as he told us about the hospitality, service, and care he experienced during a summer journey in “Iceland.” Richard’s evaluation commented that he could have strengthened his conclusion with a call to action.

Service to others echoed the “Call to Action” theme in Jessica’s presentation on learning, guiding, and teaching.  She punctuated her talk with the card from her young Bible students and a Tolstoy quote about service to humanity being the sole meaning of life.

Serena, serving as General Evaluator and VP-Education coordinated evaluations, commented on our overall process, and served a preview for next week’s meeting roles. Come one, come all, come early!

Phyllis had guests Kathy and Candace comment on the meeting & we received reminders about:

  • RSVP the social event at Shyam’s on Dec. 29 (no meat to be served, but wear your crazy socks!)
  • always bringing CL/CC manuals; never give an evaluation-free speech; never serve in a role without receiving evaluation and credit toward potential annual CC and CL awards that serve to help at many levels (hone skills of all members, Distinguished Club Program, as well as area, division, district value) 
  •  Dues are due: $60 per quarter please to Sonny, who serves as our Treasurer 
  •  Suggestions for using Matthew’s (VP-M) invitations to Goldmine and anticipated business cards 
  •  Jessica explained the Sergeant-At-Arms role 
  •  TLI coming Jan. 19; for all officers, potential officers, and committee members (everyone!)

Hal counted ahs, ums, y’knows, sos, and double clutches, AND the ballots.  To close the meeting he served up the awards:
Best Table Topic: Kathy (guest)
Best Evaluator: Joyce
Best Speaker: Sonny
Jessica: the Ah stick (for double clutches)

Friday, December 21, 2012

12/15/12 - Last Meeting Until the End of the World!

Dear Goldminers and Friends,

I've waited until what was supposed to be the end of the world at 6:00 PM today to write this blog.  I didn't want to waste your time if the end had transpired.  I could just tell you in heaven, or...oh never mind!

I was graciously introduced as your Toastmaster of the day by Hal, our Thought of the Day spokesman.  Being short on members but big on thoughts, I delivered the joke of the day.
Phyllis assiduously served as the Wordmaster (and speaker).  Jerry kept us on our toes as Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter (and speaker).  I told you we were short on members - perhaps they too were preparing for the end of times!  Jay, our dear Floridian, served as timer today.  He even lit the red light when it was 9:55AM, indicating the meeting should end soon.  I like that Jay!

Shyam, feeling quite festive as Table Topics Master, had everyone write 1 holiday word and 1 non-holiday word.  He placed them in boxes and had me draw one from each box for our participants.  They were to use the two words in the same response.

Jay - sand & lights - There are 7 different Boat Parades by Jay's house so he sees the lights go by while his feet are in the sand.

Karen - chicken & Miracle on 34th Street - Karen's favorite Christmas movie, especially in black & white.  Get some chicken and join her!

Al - hamburgers & peace on Earth, goodwill to all men - Men like eating red meat, hamburgers or steak, so this is good for peace and men!!!!

Hal - refrigerator & joy of giving - there's a joy in giving by connecting with others and food!

John - making Christmas easier & Jamaica - make it easier by skipping it altogether and heading to Jamaica.  Choose a charity or family to sponsor rather than satisfying ourselves, as we already have so much.

Winner - Jay - who will be hosting next year's parade for all Goldminers to attend in Florida!
Speaking of party, I can't wait to attend Shyam's soiree on December 29th.  Wear your crazy socks!

Our first speaker was Jerry, who caused us to Think Cabarrus First.  In a well researched speech, he shared with us the benefits of supporting our local businesses.

Our second speaker was Phyllis, giving her ice breaker speech, President's Role in Goldmine - How Does That Work?    She shared with us her growth in the club and in life!

Winner - Jerry

Our Master Evaluator was Karen who introduced Al and John respectively.  We're talking about two DTM's (Distinguished Toastmasters) here so the evaluations were cordial, concise and constructive!

Winner - Al

Was there a theme ?  Yes and no!  Originally it was Holiday Traditions but in light of the recent events in Connecticut, I wasn't feeling very festive so I "piggybacked" on Hal's thought about miracles and we focused on the future.

Special thanks to Phyllis who came up with a speech at 8:29 AM!!!!  A miracle, not when your a Goldminer because we IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL. SPEAK. LEAD. SUCEED.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters Meeting on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Phyllis, our Presiding Officer, called the meeting to order and called on Shyam Narayan, who delivered the thought for the day, “If you must love your neighbor for yourself, it is at least fair to love yourself as your neighbor.” Thereafter, he introduced Cynthia Randolph, the Toastmaster of the day.  In true goldmine flair, Cynthia adjusted the agenda ensuring that all speaking roles were filled, and introduced the theme of “Christmas.” 

As the theme stirred in our minds, Joyce shared a joke, Steve Boles spoke and defined the word “sagacity” in the role of Wordmaster and Matthew Charity and Sharon Davis filled the roles of Ballot Counter and Timer, respectively.   Jay Johnson, our Table Topics Master posed questions that encouraged each of us to get into the Christmas spirit.

1.       What’s on your Christmas tree?
Richard answered, “A pickle hidden for good luck.”
2.       This season is called Advent (waiting). What are you waiting for?
Bill responded, “Submitting grades for his Religious Studies Class.”
3.       What is it about the Holidays that makes you feel at peace?
Matthew said, “Reflecting on Christmas’ past and appreciating what is really important.”
4.       What irritates you about Christmas?
Steve answered, “All of the people waiting on Mayan prophecy to come true rather than enjoying the day that the Lord has provided.”

Table Topics Winner:   Steve Boles
Our prepared speakers of the day were: 
1.       Hal Levin, CC Manual #1, “  My Journey to Me”
2.       Phyllis Kombol, Storytelling Manual #1, “How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears”
3.       Joyce Preston, CC Speech #3, “ Evaluating is as easy as 3.2.1”

Prepared Speech Winner:  Phyllis Kombol
Richard was the General Evaluator, Karen evaluated Hal, Bill evaluated Phyllis and Shyam evaluated Joyce.

Best Evaluator:  Shyam Narayan
Ah Stick Winner:   Bill Battermann

Business Meeting
Sharon Davis and Hal Levin were inducted as new members.  Phyllis welcomed Jay Johnson and Lee Johnson back and confirmed roles for our 12/15/12 meeting.   

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, Dec. 1

Mike Hall led today's meeting as Toastmaster of the day with the them of "Firsts." Phyllis called the meeting to order as Presiding Officer. No guests attended today but we welcomed our newest member, Sharon Davis. 
Richard Archer shared a thought and Jessica a joke. Serena took over Wordmaster/Grammarian, listening for the word of the day: "verity." Jerry Weikle rang the bell and counted the ballots as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Phyllis Kombol operated the stopwatch as our Timer. 
Cynthia Randolph shared some Zig Ziglar quotes as the Table Topics Master. The first Table Topics Speaker was Sonny who shared his thoughts on something good that happened as a result of something bad. His answer was a new car from a car accident. Serena shared her thoughts on "There are no traffic jams on the extra mile" though she did not agree with that statement. Jerry talked about the quote, "A goal properly set is halfway reached."
Our prepared speakers of the day were:
  • Karen Boothe (#7, CC) - "Keep That Thing Away From Me."
  • Jessica Keyes (#4, CC) - "The Power of P."
  • Joyce Preston (Storytelling Manual) - "Better a Crowded Home Than a Lonely Mansion."
 Sonny Tolbert took the role of General Evaluator. Matthew Charity evaluated Karen's speech. Sharon Davis took on evaluating Jessica's speech and Al Minter evaluated Joyce's speech.

Best Table Topics: Sonny Tolbert
Best Speaker: Joyce Preston
Best Evaluator: Matthew Charity
Ah Stick: Mike Hall AND Karen Boothe

During the business session, Sonny explained his role as Treasurer, which includes:
  • Submit new member applications and dues to Toastmasters International.
  • Pay bills as due.
  • Keep records of all financial transactions.
  • Present verbal and written financial reports quarterly.
  • Receive completed new member applications and dues.
  • Announce when dues are due and explain dues structure.
 Serena also explained her role as Vice President of Education: 
  • Scheduler: Oversees the creation of the club's schedule and ensures all meeting roles are fulfilled. Email the meeting schedule regularly.
  • Education Awards Expert: Help members complete education awards. Verify, sign and date manual projects as members complete them and submit award applications to Toastmasters International.
  • Speech Contests Expert: Plan club contests during the term of office.
  • Mentor Program Supervisor: Assign every new member a mentor and keep track of who is mentoring whom. Give mentors credit in their Competent Leadership manual. Phyllis is heading up the mentor committee. 
Next week's Toastmaster: Cynthia Randolph. Confirm your roles or sign up for one!