Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three's Company @ Goldmine, Saturday November 3, 2012

Our VP of Public Relations, Shyam Narayan, filled the role of Presiding Officer and called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m.  Jerry Weikle shared the Thought of the Day and introduced Cynthia Randolph as the Toastmaster.   Recognizing the number of Goldminers expected at the meeting given the fall conference, Cynthia declared "Three’s Company".  In other words, three would be enough for us to have a very good meeting.

In the role of Jokemaster, Cynthia told a joke about three elderly sisters who had memory issues.  This prompted laughter from Jerry and Shyam at the potential implication.  However, given that Jerry and Shyam were challenged to open the lock to our supply cabinet after each tried numerous times and Cynthia came to the rescue opening the cabinet immediately, there was a similarity that could not be overlooked. 
Below are the roles that were covered by the three:

Grammarian:  Cynthia (Word of the Day:  Deride)
Timer:  Jerry, Shyam, Cynthia
Ah Bell:  Jerry, Shyam, Cynthia

Instead of prepared speeches, the Toastmaster elected to have table topics rounds.  Each member present posed two table topics questions. Thereafter, members evaluated each other’s responses and offered alternative ways to respond much like a workshop. 

[Questions posed by Cynthia Randolph]

Table Topics Question 1:  I’ve heard people refer to someone as smarty pants.  Please explain how the expression evolved.  Shyam answered, “it had to do with a individual who was really smart and wore a suit.“

Table Topics Question 2:  Some people find it difficult to say what they mean. Why is this often referred to as “beating around the bush?” “Jerry said it had to do with a couple who were in love and on opposite sides of a bush.  The male used a stick to beat the bush to and encourage the female to come closer.”

[Questions posed by Shyam Narayan]

Table Topics Question 3: If you could be any video game character, which would you be? Jerry responded, “I don’t play video games, but if I had to be a character, I’d be a superhero so that I could help someone.”

Table Topics Question 4:  If you could be any fairy tale character, which would you be? Cynthia answered “Cinderella because although Cinderella was an underdog, she didn’t let that keep her down.  Ultimately her story ended happily. “

 [Questions posed by Jerry Weikle]

Table Topics Question 5:  I noticed two clowns in the parking lot.  Where are they going? Shyam answered, “The presidential debate.”

 Table Topics Question 6:  Please talk about a bad customer service experience you had last week.  Cynthia said her bad experience after she purchased a bucket of chicken at Harris Teeter that did not have all of the pieces identified on the container.  Harris Teeter, however, more than corrected the situation.”

 Business Meeting: 

·       Officer Meeting will be held on November 10th.
·        Kim Jackson emailed an update on her status. She is traveling, but hopes to rejoin Goldmine in January. 
·       Sam’s wife is in the hospital.

 Shyam adjourned our meeting at 10:00 am.

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  1. Wow! Only three! But it sounds like you three had a great time with the Table Topic rounds. Awesome!