Monday, November 26, 2012

Talking Turkey Nov. 24, 2012

Talking Turkey Nov. 24, 2012 at Goldmine…About Turkeys, not To

That’s right, we did talk turkey at the November 24 Goldmine meeting, but none of the people present were turkeys, not our members Phyllis Kombol, Mike Hall, Jessica Keyes, Al iner, Jerry Weikle, Hal Levin, Bill Battermann, John Shepherd, nor Serena Edwards…not even our guest (recent member) Kathy Kombol, who was here to visit over Thanksgiving break!

Serena served ably as Toastmaster, interspersing funny questions from the Butterball Turkey Line.  Table Topics Master Mike asked some Thanksgiving food questions.  Kathy explained that her favorite Thanksgiving tradition was to get stuffed. Jerry (who had a thought for the 3rd week in a row, and multitasked as our grammarian as well), extolled the virtue of cranberries: It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them, because they have curb appeal! Phyllis won by declaring that she was “pro” fruitcake, since some of her best friends (maybe even Goldmine members) are like fruitcakes…a little nutty.

Bill shared poetry in “The Blessed Rage for Order” but talked a bit too long to qualify, according to our timer, Hal.  The Best Speaker award went to Jessica, who was also multitasking by giving an impromptu speech from the Specialty Speeches advanced manual. Her “Naughty and Nice List for Marketing Clients” gave us all some food for thought.

General Evaluator, Al, organized the evaluation part of our meeting.  Jessica evaluated Bill’s speech, and Steve won the Best Evaluator award for his evaluation of Jessica’s speech.

In our business meeting, we reviewed our Club Success Plan for the Distinguished Club Program, shared a message from Betty Walker and feedback from Dr. Fred Motley’s Nov. 10 storytelling event at Barber-Scotia College (which will occur again Dec. 1st), and discussed opportunities for judging the Cabarrus County Soil and Water Conservation speech contest Dec. 3 at 7 pm, and the Traveler program.  We recognized Mike for having just received his Competent Communicator award; and for winning the Ah stick as well, though for only a few little ones, according to our Ah Bell and Ballot counter John.

Next week’s Toastmaster will be Mike.  Please watch for his e-mails and respond accordingly!

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