Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 20, 2012 - a SPOOKtacular Goldmine Meeting

The spirits abound as we entered the room with spiders and pumpkins and costumes - oh my! As Toastmaster, Jessica exceeded our expectations in preparing for this week's meeting.  She was introduced by our prolific Thought of the Day deliverer, Al.  Cynthia minded our P's & Q's as the Grammarian today.  Thomas had a blast as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, even for himself.  Georgia had us stepping in time as she executed to role of Timer.  I delivered a joke that involved the Purina Dog Food Diet - you don't want to know!

As Table Topics Master, Sam (considered best dressed by some) kept the theme going with the following:

1.  Who is your favorite horror author?  Al
2.  What is the oldest horror movie you remember?  Joyce
3.  What do you think of my hat?   Miles  (Cynthia's son who not only participated in Table Topics but                assisted Sonny in his speech as well)

Winner - Joyce

Three Howling Good Speakers Today

1.  Sonny   "Conversing with Ease"   assisted by Miles Randolph
2.  Mike      "Stress"   a well needed topic in our scary room today
3.  Jerry     "Don't Box Me In"  a demonstrative speech using origami

Winner - Sonny

Serving as our Master Evaluator was Shyam, who introduced the following.

1.   Serena
2.   Karen
3.   Phyllis

Winner - Phyllis

On to Business

1.  Cynthia had our original charter framed for our viewing pleasure - a fine job Cynthia!
2.  Our Presidents Distinguished Club ribbon was also presented before making it's final resting place
     on the banner.
3.   Monday night is the Division Contests - ok, so I'm writing this late, OUR AREA SWEPT the
     competition with our very own Phyllis Kombol winning the Evaluation Contest!!!!  John Hunt
     from HostMasters won the Humorous Contest.
4.   The District Contests are November 2nd - 4th.  Don't forget your Club Pride Basket contents,
      funny stuff for our Jay Nodine basket!  Thank you Jessica for your work on the basket and 
     a Spooktacular meeting today!


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