Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 27 meeting report

Goldmine Oct. 27, 2012
Fall fell, but Goldmine members were upright and had a fine time. We welcomed guests Sharon (a former Toastmaster from another group) and her friend Brenda.

Richard told us that yawning with your mouth closed is a social grace to be mastered, but we did not see anyone yawning, with mouth open or closed.  Jessica almost gave us whiplash with misdirection that kept us on our toes as newspaper reporters in Table Topics.  Sonny reported on a spaceship of aliens that landed in Joyce’s field, Richard reported on efforts to explain the empty cruise ship beached on the shore, and Sharon won the best table topic award for her explanation of how she would report on the experience of getting a tattoo by getting a tiny teardrop. As Toastmaster of the Day, Alex shared items from the local paper; we learned about the many uses for cowhide (??) and the trick of using  paint stirred stick to tuck your jeans into your cowboy boots (I can hardly wait to hear a speech from someone about how that works).

Cynthia won best speaker with her CC project #7 “It’s in the Blood,” helping us learn about sickle cell trait and disease, and how it has affected her family.  Matthew presented “Finding New Members for Your Club” from the Successful Club Series, which included supplying each member a MSK (Membership Survival Kit) which included the challenge to use the personal invitations to bring guests and potential members to our group. Both used powerpoint slides to enhance their presentations, but it was the use of their basic Toastmaster speaking skills that made both presentations memorable. Steve evaluated Matthew’s speech, and Phyllis evaluated Cynthia’s, winning best evaluator (good practice for the District conference).

Mike kept us paying attention to our use of time. Jerry did not find our use of the word of the day “optimal” but did call our attention to some other interesting words and phrases. General evaluation of the meeting was supplied by Sam.

We circulated a “Dear John” letter to tell our “missing wise man” how much we have been missing him. Joyce and Phyllis shared information about the upcoming conference, the club pride basket was on display, and Cynthia accepted the challenge of being Toastmaster next weekend when several members will be away at the conference.

Happy Fall to you all!

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