Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 27 meeting report

Goldmine Oct. 27, 2012
Fall fell, but Goldmine members were upright and had a fine time. We welcomed guests Sharon (a former Toastmaster from another group) and her friend Brenda.

Richard told us that yawning with your mouth closed is a social grace to be mastered, but we did not see anyone yawning, with mouth open or closed.  Jessica almost gave us whiplash with misdirection that kept us on our toes as newspaper reporters in Table Topics.  Sonny reported on a spaceship of aliens that landed in Joyce’s field, Richard reported on efforts to explain the empty cruise ship beached on the shore, and Sharon won the best table topic award for her explanation of how she would report on the experience of getting a tattoo by getting a tiny teardrop. As Toastmaster of the Day, Alex shared items from the local paper; we learned about the many uses for cowhide (??) and the trick of using  paint stirred stick to tuck your jeans into your cowboy boots (I can hardly wait to hear a speech from someone about how that works).

Cynthia won best speaker with her CC project #7 “It’s in the Blood,” helping us learn about sickle cell trait and disease, and how it has affected her family.  Matthew presented “Finding New Members for Your Club” from the Successful Club Series, which included supplying each member a MSK (Membership Survival Kit) which included the challenge to use the personal invitations to bring guests and potential members to our group. Both used powerpoint slides to enhance their presentations, but it was the use of their basic Toastmaster speaking skills that made both presentations memorable. Steve evaluated Matthew’s speech, and Phyllis evaluated Cynthia’s, winning best evaluator (good practice for the District conference).

Mike kept us paying attention to our use of time. Jerry did not find our use of the word of the day “optimal” but did call our attention to some other interesting words and phrases. General evaluation of the meeting was supplied by Sam.

We circulated a “Dear John” letter to tell our “missing wise man” how much we have been missing him. Joyce and Phyllis shared information about the upcoming conference, the club pride basket was on display, and Cynthia accepted the challenge of being Toastmaster next weekend when several members will be away at the conference.

Happy Fall to you all!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 20, 2012 - a SPOOKtacular Goldmine Meeting

The spirits abound as we entered the room with spiders and pumpkins and costumes - oh my! As Toastmaster, Jessica exceeded our expectations in preparing for this week's meeting.  She was introduced by our prolific Thought of the Day deliverer, Al.  Cynthia minded our P's & Q's as the Grammarian today.  Thomas had a blast as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, even for himself.  Georgia had us stepping in time as she executed to role of Timer.  I delivered a joke that involved the Purina Dog Food Diet - you don't want to know!

As Table Topics Master, Sam (considered best dressed by some) kept the theme going with the following:

1.  Who is your favorite horror author?  Al
2.  What is the oldest horror movie you remember?  Joyce
3.  What do you think of my hat?   Miles  (Cynthia's son who not only participated in Table Topics but                assisted Sonny in his speech as well)

Winner - Joyce

Three Howling Good Speakers Today

1.  Sonny   "Conversing with Ease"   assisted by Miles Randolph
2.  Mike      "Stress"   a well needed topic in our scary room today
3.  Jerry     "Don't Box Me In"  a demonstrative speech using origami

Winner - Sonny

Serving as our Master Evaluator was Shyam, who introduced the following.

1.   Serena
2.   Karen
3.   Phyllis

Winner - Phyllis

On to Business

1.  Cynthia had our original charter framed for our viewing pleasure - a fine job Cynthia!
2.  Our Presidents Distinguished Club ribbon was also presented before making it's final resting place
     on the banner.
3.   Monday night is the Division Contests - ok, so I'm writing this late, OUR AREA SWEPT the
     competition with our very own Phyllis Kombol winning the Evaluation Contest!!!!  John Hunt
     from HostMasters won the Humorous Contest.
4.   The District Contests are November 2nd - 4th.  Don't forget your Club Pride Basket contents,
      funny stuff for our Jay Nodine basket!  Thank you Jessica for your work on the basket and 
     a Spooktacular meeting today!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

As of Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our President, Phyllis Kombol, filled the role of Presiding Officer and called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.  Joyce Preston shared the thought of the day, “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life!”  Following the thought Joyce introduced Phyllis, who also filled the role of Toastmaster.  Phyllis established the theme “Alice in Wonderland” and immediately shared the birth name of the author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson also known as Lewis Carroll.

In the role of Jokemaster, Alex took us on a comical adventure as he shared a joke about a Bird with a salty tongue rescued by a minister who had a pair of praying birds.  Although the minister expected the praying birds to rub off on the salty tongued newcomer, the praying birds were elated that their prayer for a bird such as this was answered.  The following individuals presented their roles accordingly:

Grammarian:  Joyce Preston (Word of the Day:  Tenacious)
Ballot Counter:  Sam Mullis
Timer:  Al Minter

Karen Boothe led the Table Topics portion of the meeting with a theme that fit nicely with the overall fantasy them.  She encouraged us to use our imaginations to change various Nursery Rhymes.

Table Topics Question 1:  How would you change nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty?  Sam responded naming our presidential candidates, “Obama… thin, Romney thinks he is without sin.”

Table Topics Question 2:  How would you change Jack B. Nimble?  Alex began, “Jack be Nimble, Jack B Quick….I don’t know.  I give up!

Table Topics Question 3: The Incy Wincy Spider went up the water spout; where would he go from there?  Hal, a guest, responded that even though the spider was originally washed out by the rain, that experience made him more tenacious. Therefore he kept trying until he reached his goal.

Table Topics Question 4:  Three Blind Mice…Where are they running?  Joyce said they are on a journey, as are all of us, to see the light.

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Joyce Preston

Our prepared speakers were as follows:  Serena Edwards, speaking from the Specialty Speeches Advanced Manual, “Save Money and Help Someone.”  She was followed by Shyam Narayan, speaking from the Better Speaker Series, “Selecting Your Topic.” 

Best Speaker:   Shyam Narayan

Cynthia evaluated Serena and Jerry evaluated Shyam. 

Best Evaluator:  Cynthia Randolph
Ah Stick:  Serena Edwards

Business Meeting: 
·        If anyone is interested in the fall conference and wants meals, registration is required by 10.15.
·        Division Contest is Monday 10.22, 7:00 pm in the Community Room at the Fire Station on
       Poplar Tent road. 
·       Joyce offered all TMs free Judge Books for anyone interested in becoming a certified Judge.

Sam Mullis adjourned our meeting at 10:05 am.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Goldmine Meeting 6 October 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Phyllis Kombol.  Phyllis presented the thought of the day; "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you do not take!" After presenting the thought of the day and leading in the pledge, she introduced the toastmaster of the day, Serena Edwards. Serena's theme for the  meeting was Books of the Bible.  The following were called on to explain their duties:

Joke Master: Alex 
Grammarian: Alex
Ah bell/Ballot Counter: Sonny. 
Timer: Sam

The word of the day was "laconic", meaning brief; terse. 

Cynthia led the table topics portion of the meeting.

Lee - What words of wisdom would you give your eighteen year old self?
Sonny - What was the best words of wisdom you received as a child?
Justin (First time visitor) - Tell about a time in your life when the wisest thing you did was listen and learn?

Two experienced toatsmasters made presentations from advanced manuals.

Shyam - The better speaker series - "Using Body Language" - A interesting and lively presentation on using body language. 
Jessica - "A Place for your stuff" - A humorous presentation on how stuff tends to expand to fill all the space available. 

Following a break, Matthew led in the evaluation portion of the meeting. 

Mike evaluated Shyam and Steve evaluated Jessica. 

Following a brief business session, Sonny presented the awards:

Table Topics:  Sonny
Prepared Speaker: Shyam
Evaluator: Steve
Ah Stick: Mike. 

Meeting ended at 10:03.

The Area 14  Table Topics and Humorous speaking contests followed the regular meeting, begining at 11:00 AM.