Monday, September 10, 2012

Happenings at Goldmine - September 8, 2012

Phyllis Kombol, our President and today's Presiding Officer, started the meeting at 8:32. Karen Boothe shared the Thought of the Day charging us to be present rather than thinking about the past or the future.  Cynthia Randolph, our Toastmaster, established “New Beginnings” as the theme for the day.  She said, “It’s not over; it’s not ending; it’s not finished. It’s only the beginning when God is in it. All things are new. When one season of our lives ends, another begins.  Look forward to the new beginning. Serena Edwards, our Jokemaster, followed with stupid laws still on the books in the state of North Carolina, while our Wordmaster Phyllis Kombol introduced “Adroit,” our word of the day. Joyce Preston and Kim Jackson filled the roles of Ballot Counter and Timer, respectively.   

Mike Hall initiated the Table Topics segment by asking “Would You Rather?” questions:

Would you rather live to 100 or age 60 knowing what you know today?
Phyllis said she’d rather live to 100. As a matter of fact she expects to surpass 100 and at some point start counting backwards.
Would you rather have x-ray vision or the ability to read minds?
Kim said she does not want either of those abilities, but rather discernment so that she does not offend.  She believes having the life experiences enables the personal growth that knowing everything negates.
Would you rather have steam blow out your ears every time you’re angry or a long tongue that rolls down to the floor whenever you see someone attractive?
Karen said she’d take the steam blowing out of her ears any day over the long tongue.  Even though the steam blowing out of her ears would let others know when they’ve gotten to her.  

Prepared Speakers:
·         Al Minter:  “The Next Transformation”
·         Alex Porter:  “I’ll Have One of Those”
·         Steve Boles:  “The Search for Meaning”

Jessica evaluated Al, Serena evaluated Alex and Joyce evaluated Steve.  Sonny filled the role of General Evaluator.
·         Best TT Speaker:  Kim Jackson
·         Best Speaker:  Steve Boyles
·         Best Evaluator:  Joyce Preston
·         Ah Stick:  Sonny Tolbert

Word of the day:  Adroit – clever, skillful, quick in thought.
Club & Other News:

·       Phyllis talked about the impact our club has at the area, division, and district levels and on Toastmasters International.  She introduced Karen Booth as the contest chair for our Humorous and Evaluation Contest on September 22nd and Karen passed around signup sheets for the various roles and other needed items.
·      Toastmasters District Fall Conference Early Bird Registration continues through 9/20. The total
      for early birds is $130.
·       Sonny announced that he achieved his ALB.  Additionally, his club in Mooresville will be hosting a contest at Mountain State University on 9/27@ 6:30 pm.

Minutes prepared by Cynthia Randolph.  Meeting ended at 10:10.

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