Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Sept. 29

The Sept. 29 meeting was  small but quite entertaining. Sam Mullis led the meeting as Toastmaster. All members present took on roles or multiple roles to make the meeting a slamming success. Mike started the meeting with these thoughts: “A word to the wise isn’t necessary, it’s stupid ones who need advise” and “A day without night.”

Jessica gave us a joke (basically, the reason or no reason for the clich√©, “a bat out of hell.”
She also was our Grammarian/Wordmaster, listening for the word of the day, “heinous.” Only three people used the word of the day. Matthew kept the time and Mike counted the “Ahs” and “Sos,” etc.

Shyam Narayan led us in an interesting Table Topics session. However, in the middle, his mind “went blank because I’m on medicine...and not the illegal ones.” He wrote three words on our board, “Elephant,” “McDonalds,” and “Cows.” As he called on someone, he/she had to pick a word and then the question was given.

Matthew Charity was chosen first. His choice was “McDonalds.” The question was he was in the streets of Mumbai, India and had a choice of two Indian foods, KFC or McDonalds. Which one would he choose?” Being someone who doesn’t eat fast food, Matthew said he would have to be starving to choose any of them. Then he told of his fast food experience in Saudi Arabia where the women would get behind the men.

Mike Hall chose the word “Elephant.” His question was, he is also in the streets of India and encounters an elephant walking along the street. What does he do? His answer was he would leave the beast alone, watching for elephant “landmines” or if it started to charge, would get away fast.

Karen Boothe was left with “Cows” so her question was on the streets of India where there are no street lights or stop signs, and just seeing a line of cows cross the street unharmed,  how is she going to get across the street to get to the Indian deliquesce? She would do it “New York style” – that is, being bold enough to go into the street, risking her life for a Dosai.  

Best Table Topics Speaker: Congratulations Karen!

Our prepared (or rather unprepared) speakers included Steve Boles, who as backup speaker, stepped up to do a speech for “The Entertaining Speech” called “Old Words Ring True.” Cynthia evaluated his speech.

Serena Edwards’ speech was “The Impromptu Speech” from the Specialty Speeches Advanced Manual. Her evaluator, Karen, picked her topic at the meeting. She spoke on “Before and After Toastmasters.”

Best Speaker: Serena Edwards

Cynthia also filled the role as General Evaluator.
The “Ah” Stick was awarded to Steve Boles.

Business Meeting:
  • Area 14 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest is October 6 at Fairfield Inn at 11:00 a.m., right after the Goldmine meeting. Please plan to stay and help out and/or support Phyllis and Steve!

  • Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest will be on October 22 at Fire Station #9 in Concord.

  • Jessica Keyes will be heading up a Youth Education Program at the District 37 Conference Nov. 3-5 in Hickory. She needs any volunteers to help her with this.

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