Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goldmine Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

It was a fun contest at the Goldmine this week, with good-natured competition, and even more laughter than usual! It also was apparently "couples' time" as we had multiple spouses in attendance. Visitors from the Lowe's at Night club (Sharon & Timothy Brown), and from Yawn Patrol Zone (Kathy and Charlie Ferguson), as well as Karen Boothe's husband joined us for the contest, to make a trio of couples.  Betty Walker was our special guest.
Karen did a grand job preparing the contest as our contest chair, then went on to also serve as sergeant-at-arms, ballot counter, and (with her husband's collaboration) backup timer!  Serena Edwards also earned more stars for her Toastmaster of the Year award from this past year, as she had also been part of the planning team, produced the program, served as presiding officer, and was the contest master, doing a splendid job of making it all look easy (though we know it wasn't).

Matthew Charity also made it look easy to be our chief judge. Charlie Ferguson was official timer, and Kathy Ferguson counted ballots. Shyam Narayan provided our target speech for the evaluation contest, with "It's So Boring, It Should Be Abolished," speaking about professional golf.  It would be a shame to abolish it without first trying some of the recommendations he made about how to spice it up.  With new locations, risqué uniforms, goalies at each hole, the wiggle, and victory dance competitions, I think we might all be willing to become fans!   Richard Archer and Phyllis Kombol evaluated, with the judges selecting Phyllis' evaluation as first place.

For our humorous speech contest, Alex Porter told us about how he could "Act Naturally" instead of spending a lot of time, effort, and money to look stupid, and Steve Boles shared his "Third Grade Epiphany" in Miss Efird's class with us.  We all laughed and enjoyed both stories. The judges selected Steve's as first place.

The book "Crucial Conversations" was presented in appreciation to our target speaker, and to each of our contest winners. Steve and Phyllis will go on to represent Goldmine at the Area 14 Contest Oct. 6, which will be held at the Fairfield Inn meeting room at 11:00 AM, following the regular Goldmine meeting.

We thank Richard and Karen for supplying refreshments that made our morning even more special.  Watch for Shyam's photos from this event to appear on our Facebook page. You may also want to look in YouTube for the newly released trailer for the Harrison Ford movie that Steve is in, entitled "Forty-Two."

Congratulations to all for a contest well done, with true Goldmine style and class!  

Written by Phyllis Kombol

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