Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 4th at the Goldmine

The steamy, hot weather didn't keep a dozen Goldminers away for today's meeting.  Why should the Olympians be the only ones "going for gold"!  As Toastmaster, I chose the theme "Olympics" to lead the team to victory.  I did have a penalty though,  an early start out of the gate, a mispronunciation the word of the day. I hadn't been doping enough caffeine yet.

Matthew delivered  our Thought of the Day & Pledge of Allegiance, followed be the humorous antics of Steve Boles!   Karen assuaged us by clarifying the word of the day and other grammatical deductions that may arise.  Our referee (Ah Bell/ Ballot) Shyam came prepared to cite any diversions to a smooth execution - uh, um, like, you know!  Keeping us in qualifying  time was none other than Jay Johnson.

Serena served as Table Topics Master asking the following;

1.  What sport do you wish to include in the Olympics?
     Jay will add and participate in the Olympic  Table Topics sport.

2.  What city would you like to visit and see the Olympics?
     Karen is headed to Australia for her Olympic visit.  Good day mate!

3.  There's a law against advertising on naked bodies at the Olympics. For or against?
     Not only is Shyam against this law, he is personally starting a petition to have nudity be a sport at
     the next Olympic games.

Jay johnson won the GOLD for Table Topics.

With 3 prepared speeches, it was going to be a photo finish competition.

1.  Jessica humored us with "Life Lessons in Origami"

2.  Al clarified "Who I Am" as he discussed what character traits he possesses and why.

3.  Kathy spoke with an artistic flair as she delivered her Icebreaker speech.

Al Minter won the Gold medal.

Evaluators were Matthew, Jerry and Steve respectively.  Jerry edged out the competition and took home the Gold for evaluations.

Mike Hall not only served as Master Evaluator, he took one for the US team by accepting the Ah stick!

All members (and our guest, Eugene Preston) shared with the group what sport they'd be competing in if they weren't in London today!   From badminton (Serena) , to beer pong (Steve), swinging (Jay), to gymnastics (me), we represented Goldmine and our country with flying colors. USA USA USA!

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