Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25, 2012 "TBD"

Goldmine’s August 25, 2012 meeting agenda said the theme was “TBD” and it actually was!

Richard Archer started us off with a thought: Youth ventures; Age considers.  Steve’s joke about an aged visitor to Disney Land on a windy day had us considering….

Sonny Tolbert was our Toastmaster and TEASED us with possible “TBD” meanings: Total Biker Dude, Tasty Bakery Delights, and Time Before Deadline

Our Table Topics Master Matthew Charity BAITED us with questions for impromptu speaking.  Sam Mullis likens retirement to endless summer.  Phyllis Kombol has been most influenced by her children.  Lee Johnston figures if corporal punishment in school was good for him, it might still be good for students, teachers, and even administrators. Jay Johnson is all set to rule the world, ban politics, and make Toastmasters mandatory so we voted for him to win best Table Topic!

We were then DELIGHTED to hear our prepared speakers.  In Thomas Kombol’s Ice Breaker he shared examples of his commitment to giving 100% even when things are tough (which we enjoyed even though he earned the Ah stick).  Cynthia Randolph shared her amazing “I was an Eyewitness, so I Witness” with vocal variety, musicality, and emotion, winning the best speaker award.

Excellent evaluations were given by Jerry Weikle, encouraging Thomas with positive feedback and a few things to work on, and by Kim Jackson giving praise and pointers to Cynthia, which won Kim the Best Evaluation award.

While Georgia Carlton was mastering the timer and lights, Joyce Preston listened for uses of vacuity and other remarkable words as wordmaster, and Mike Hall was master of the Ah Bell, Ballots, and awards. Jessica Keyes gave us a thorough general evaluation and passed the meeting back to Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer.

Our business meeting included updates from members and reminders of important dates:
  • Jay's will be returning to Florida, but will keep up with us by blog, e-mail, Facebook, etc. Betty's husband, Larry is recovering well. Sam's wife is back to work and also doing well. 
  • Kim Jackson will be speaking at Crossroads (220 George Liles Parkway) on Sunday Sept 2 at 0830, 0945, and 1111 services.  She invites her Goldmine friends to come listen & help evaluate as this is part of her Professional Speaking Advanced Manual.  Contact her if you need more information. 
  •  September 22 will be our club Humorous and Evaluation Contest at our regular meeting time. Contact Serena Edwards if you want to be a contestant, or can fill another role (judge, timer, ballot counter, chair/contest master). 
  • Area contest will be Oct. 6, time and location TBD. Joyce is looking for a contest chair. 
  • Division contest will be Oct. 20, time and locatin TBD. 
  • District contests at conference Nov. 2-4 at the Crowne Plaza in Hickory promises to be a wonderful opportunity to hear 2 world champion speakers as well as the top Humorous and Evaluation contestants from around the state.
Next week’s meeting may include some TBD, as there are several opportunities for members to fill in spots where last minute schedule changes mean the originally scheduled participants will not be able to attend. Watch for e-mails!

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