Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 18 at Goldmine

Serena Edwards, our presiding officer and VP of Education, opened the meeting with the theme “Birthdays,” inspired the birth date she and her husband share on August 16.  One interesting fact she shared was that more people have birthdays in August than any other month of the year and the least common birthday is May 22nd. 

Steve Boles delivered our Thought of the Day reminding that “Each day is a gift from God; how we live our lives is our gift to him.” He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Georgia Carlton was our Jokemaster and Amy aptly filled the role of Grammarian introducing the word, “permeated.”  Our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Joy Preston, reminded us of her role to listen for filler words such as ahs, ums, you knows, so, etc. , and at the end of the day award the Ah Stick.   Thereafter Jerry Weikle, our timer, relayed the time parameters for Table Topics and our two prepared Speeches. 
Richard served as Table Topics Master and asked the following:

1.        Archer University; where is it located and what kind of degrees do they offer?   Jay responded, “Archerville” and “Archery.”

2.       A new automobile was delivered to your house yesterday.  What was it?  Kathy said it would have to be a Honda Civic.  A car like the one she has today. 

3.       Your spouse is visiting family for a few days.  Will you be eating out or dining in? Jerry said he’d be eating in because he’s too cheap, he likes having leftovers and his cooking better than fast food, and he’s usually not in too much of a rush.

4.       There’s a new TV show debuting on September 1. What show is it and are you glad or sad?  Tony said, “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick,” a show about politics.

5.       You have just won $377 million, what would you do with it?  Thomas said he’d probably cry a bit and then donate a bit to Toastmasters.  Then he said he’d cry a bit more because he believes his life would get way more complicated. Ultimately Thomas concluded he’d give most of it away.
Table Topics Winner:  Tony Hinson

We had two prepared speeches:

1.     Kim – “Hospitality of the Heart” from the Advanced Communication Series - Speaking to Inform,  Project 5

2.     Sonny – “Finding New Members for your Club” from the Successful Club Series

Best Speaker:  Kim Jackson
Evaluators were Cynthia Randolph and Thomas Kombol respectively. 

Best Evaluator:  Cynthia Randolph

AH Stick:  Thomas Kombol

Special Guests:  Division Governor -Tim Edwards,  and Area Governors Gerald Porter and Marsha Howell

Table Topics Part II (Added by Richard when he realized everyone had not spoken)

1.       What country in South America would you like to visit and why?  Sam said Brazil because they have real cowboys.

2.       You’ve just been notified by AAA that you have won $1,000.  Where are you going? Matthew said, he would take his wife back to Hilton Head, SC., but he wouldn’t tell his wife that he won $1,000 until their trip was about over.

Club Updates:  None. 
The meeting ended at 10:07 am.   


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