Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25, 2012 "TBD"

Goldmine’s August 25, 2012 meeting agenda said the theme was “TBD” and it actually was!

Richard Archer started us off with a thought: Youth ventures; Age considers.  Steve’s joke about an aged visitor to Disney Land on a windy day had us considering….

Sonny Tolbert was our Toastmaster and TEASED us with possible “TBD” meanings: Total Biker Dude, Tasty Bakery Delights, and Time Before Deadline

Our Table Topics Master Matthew Charity BAITED us with questions for impromptu speaking.  Sam Mullis likens retirement to endless summer.  Phyllis Kombol has been most influenced by her children.  Lee Johnston figures if corporal punishment in school was good for him, it might still be good for students, teachers, and even administrators. Jay Johnson is all set to rule the world, ban politics, and make Toastmasters mandatory so we voted for him to win best Table Topic!

We were then DELIGHTED to hear our prepared speakers.  In Thomas Kombol’s Ice Breaker he shared examples of his commitment to giving 100% even when things are tough (which we enjoyed even though he earned the Ah stick).  Cynthia Randolph shared her amazing “I was an Eyewitness, so I Witness” with vocal variety, musicality, and emotion, winning the best speaker award.

Excellent evaluations were given by Jerry Weikle, encouraging Thomas with positive feedback and a few things to work on, and by Kim Jackson giving praise and pointers to Cynthia, which won Kim the Best Evaluation award.

While Georgia Carlton was mastering the timer and lights, Joyce Preston listened for uses of vacuity and other remarkable words as wordmaster, and Mike Hall was master of the Ah Bell, Ballots, and awards. Jessica Keyes gave us a thorough general evaluation and passed the meeting back to Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer.

Our business meeting included updates from members and reminders of important dates:
  • Jay's will be returning to Florida, but will keep up with us by blog, e-mail, Facebook, etc. Betty's husband, Larry is recovering well. Sam's wife is back to work and also doing well. 
  • Kim Jackson will be speaking at Crossroads (220 George Liles Parkway) on Sunday Sept 2 at 0830, 0945, and 1111 services.  She invites her Goldmine friends to come listen & help evaluate as this is part of her Professional Speaking Advanced Manual.  Contact her if you need more information. 
  •  September 22 will be our club Humorous and Evaluation Contest at our regular meeting time. Contact Serena Edwards if you want to be a contestant, or can fill another role (judge, timer, ballot counter, chair/contest master). 
  • Area contest will be Oct. 6, time and location TBD. Joyce is looking for a contest chair. 
  • Division contest will be Oct. 20, time and locatin TBD. 
  • District contests at conference Nov. 2-4 at the Crowne Plaza in Hickory promises to be a wonderful opportunity to hear 2 world champion speakers as well as the top Humorous and Evaluation contestants from around the state.
Next week’s meeting may include some TBD, as there are several opportunities for members to fill in spots where last minute schedule changes mean the originally scheduled participants will not be able to attend. Watch for e-mails!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 18 at Goldmine

Serena Edwards, our presiding officer and VP of Education, opened the meeting with the theme “Birthdays,” inspired the birth date she and her husband share on August 16.  One interesting fact she shared was that more people have birthdays in August than any other month of the year and the least common birthday is May 22nd. 

Steve Boles delivered our Thought of the Day reminding that “Each day is a gift from God; how we live our lives is our gift to him.” He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Georgia Carlton was our Jokemaster and Amy aptly filled the role of Grammarian introducing the word, “permeated.”  Our Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Joy Preston, reminded us of her role to listen for filler words such as ahs, ums, you knows, so, etc. , and at the end of the day award the Ah Stick.   Thereafter Jerry Weikle, our timer, relayed the time parameters for Table Topics and our two prepared Speeches. 
Richard served as Table Topics Master and asked the following:

1.        Archer University; where is it located and what kind of degrees do they offer?   Jay responded, “Archerville” and “Archery.”

2.       A new automobile was delivered to your house yesterday.  What was it?  Kathy said it would have to be a Honda Civic.  A car like the one she has today. 

3.       Your spouse is visiting family for a few days.  Will you be eating out or dining in? Jerry said he’d be eating in because he’s too cheap, he likes having leftovers and his cooking better than fast food, and he’s usually not in too much of a rush.

4.       There’s a new TV show debuting on September 1. What show is it and are you glad or sad?  Tony said, “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick,” a show about politics.

5.       You have just won $377 million, what would you do with it?  Thomas said he’d probably cry a bit and then donate a bit to Toastmasters.  Then he said he’d cry a bit more because he believes his life would get way more complicated. Ultimately Thomas concluded he’d give most of it away.
Table Topics Winner:  Tony Hinson

We had two prepared speeches:

1.     Kim – “Hospitality of the Heart” from the Advanced Communication Series - Speaking to Inform,  Project 5

2.     Sonny – “Finding New Members for your Club” from the Successful Club Series

Best Speaker:  Kim Jackson
Evaluators were Cynthia Randolph and Thomas Kombol respectively. 

Best Evaluator:  Cynthia Randolph

AH Stick:  Thomas Kombol

Special Guests:  Division Governor -Tim Edwards,  and Area Governors Gerald Porter and Marsha Howell

Table Topics Part II (Added by Richard when he realized everyone had not spoken)

1.       What country in South America would you like to visit and why?  Sam said Brazil because they have real cowboys.

2.       You’ve just been notified by AAA that you have won $1,000.  Where are you going? Matthew said, he would take his wife back to Hilton Head, SC., but he wouldn’t tell his wife that he won $1,000 until their trip was about over.

Club Updates:  None. 
The meeting ended at 10:07 am.   


Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 11 at Goldmine: “What a Bunch of Characters!”

That’s right, by setting a theme of "Favorite Cartoon Characters," Shyam Narayan – our Toastmaster for the Day, asked each Goldminer to come prepared to share his/her favorite.  For most of us, it meant venturing back to when we were kids…..a long time ago.  The room ignited with laughter as we walked down memory lane to cartoon-filled Saturday mornings. 

Phyllis Kombol, our presiding officer, opened the meeting and Karen Boothe delivered our Thought of the Day and Pledge of Allegiance.  Joyce Preston, our Jokemaster, had us all in stitches with her dead duck joke.   Jessica relayed our Word of the Day, “Opulent” and explained her role followed by Thomas who provided numerous real time examples of instances when he would ring the “Ah” Bell (assisted by Georgia). 

Lastly, John drew a reaction from everyone, similar to a child watching the “funnies,” as he explained the time parameters for Table Topics and prepared Speeches, and gave Serena 30 minutes less the 12 minutes she communicated for her speech to qualify.  I think he was speaking in Toon Time!!!!! 

Jerry served as Table Topics Master and asked the following:

1.        What politician does Elmer Fudd remind you of?   Sonny responded “all of them!” They all are trying to do something, shoot something, hit something however they can’t tell you what it is!

2.       If you work at Disney World and have the job to wear a costume and interface with customers, would you prefer to be Minnie or Mickey Mouse?  Kathy said she would not want to be either because the heads of the costumes is so large, would throw her off balance and cause her to sweat profusely.

3.       If you are Popeye, and Olive Oil is in trouble; and you have no Spinach to eat, what would you do? Bryan said he’d probably go to the store and buy a 5 Hour Energy Drink.

4.       Who was smarter - George or Jane Jetson?  Georgia was not familiar with the characters because the cartoon was before her time so she talked about other characters she likes better.

Table Topics Winner:  Kathy Kombol

We had two prepared speeches:

1.        Serena – “The Journey of Desire” from the Advanced Manual, “Specialty Speeches,” #4 Read Out Loud.

2.       Mike – “I Don’t Have a Speech”

Best Speaker:  Serena Edwards

Evaluators were Kathy Kombol and Bryan Walsh respectively. 

Best Evaluator:  Bryan Walsh

AH Stick:  Mike Hall

Club Updates:  Our Club Contest will be during a regular meeting. More information to come. There will be an Improv Meeting on Sept. 22.

The meeting ended at 9:57 am.  That’s All Folks! 

Minutes prepared by Cynthia Randolph, Jerry Weikle and Serena Edwards

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 4th at the Goldmine

The steamy, hot weather didn't keep a dozen Goldminers away for today's meeting.  Why should the Olympians be the only ones "going for gold"!  As Toastmaster, I chose the theme "Olympics" to lead the team to victory.  I did have a penalty though,  an early start out of the gate, a mispronunciation the word of the day. I hadn't been doping enough caffeine yet.

Matthew delivered  our Thought of the Day & Pledge of Allegiance, followed be the humorous antics of Steve Boles!   Karen assuaged us by clarifying the word of the day and other grammatical deductions that may arise.  Our referee (Ah Bell/ Ballot) Shyam came prepared to cite any diversions to a smooth execution - uh, um, like, you know!  Keeping us in qualifying  time was none other than Jay Johnson.

Serena served as Table Topics Master asking the following;

1.  What sport do you wish to include in the Olympics?
     Jay will add and participate in the Olympic  Table Topics sport.

2.  What city would you like to visit and see the Olympics?
     Karen is headed to Australia for her Olympic visit.  Good day mate!

3.  There's a law against advertising on naked bodies at the Olympics. For or against?
     Not only is Shyam against this law, he is personally starting a petition to have nudity be a sport at
     the next Olympic games.

Jay johnson won the GOLD for Table Topics.

With 3 prepared speeches, it was going to be a photo finish competition.

1.  Jessica humored us with "Life Lessons in Origami"

2.  Al clarified "Who I Am" as he discussed what character traits he possesses and why.

3.  Kathy spoke with an artistic flair as she delivered her Icebreaker speech.

Al Minter won the Gold medal.

Evaluators were Matthew, Jerry and Steve respectively.  Jerry edged out the competition and took home the Gold for evaluations.

Mike Hall not only served as Master Evaluator, he took one for the US team by accepting the Ah stick!

All members (and our guest, Eugene Preston) shared with the group what sport they'd be competing in if they weren't in London today!   From badminton (Serena) , to beer pong (Steve), swinging (Jay), to gymnastics (me), we represented Goldmine and our country with flying colors. USA USA USA!