Monday, July 9, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters Meeting July 7, 2012

Phyllis Kombol, our new President and today's Presiding Officer, started the meeting at 8:32. A small crew of miners caused us to make minor adjustments to the agenda; however, in usual Goldmine fashion, today's meeting was full of color!  Serena Edwards shared the Thought of the Day and introduced Mike Hall, who stepped in to fill the Toastmaster role. Thereafter he immediately began to educate us on the meaning of our favorite colors. Kathy Kombol effectively filled the role of Jokemaster, while Jessica Keyes and Lee Johnson share the role of Timer. Taking on double duties, Phyllis and Serena also filled the roles of Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Grammarian, respectively.

Sonny Tolbert kicked off the Table Topics asking Al Minter if he could choose a career and mentor, what and who it would be.  Al chimed in that he loves his current career and then shared his desire to be mentored by Warren Buffet.  He rattled off numerous reasons and only wished he had time to share more.  Serena was asked if she wrote a book, what the title would be and what it would be about.  In true newlywed fashion, Serena said she’d write about “Love”           .  Kathy Kombol responded to the question, “If you had to get up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and did not attend Goldmine, where would you be.   Kathy noted she’d be asleep or watching Jackie Chan Adventures.  Lastly, Lee Johnston answered the question, “Which animal is your favorite pet?”  He said quite a bit, but the one statement that caught my attention was that most men prefer dogs while women prefer cats.  (Obviously I did not agree with his reference to women and cats, but hey it’s table topics.  I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt!)

Prepared Speakers:

·         Jessika Keyes:  “Beginnings and Endings”

·         Joyce Preston:  “Creating the Best Club Climate”


Al evaluated Jessika and Kathy evaluated Joyce.  Cynthia filled the role of General Evaluator.

·         Best TT Speaker:  Al Minter

·         Best Speaker:  Joyce Preston

·         Best Evaluator:  Al Minter

·         Ah Stick:  Kathy Kombol

Word of the day:  Quandary – A state of perplexity, uncertainty.

Serena attempted to confirm roles for the July 21st meeting and Phyllis reminded everyone that the club will meet at Baker’s Creek Park in Kannapolis next Saturday (July 14) for the Tall Tales Contest.  Serena will post the Tall Tales flyer on the door of the conference room in case guests stop by. 

Phyllis invited everyone to participate in the officer meeting which followed our club meeting.
Minutes prepared by Cynthia Randolph.  Meeting ended at 10:11.

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