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Goldmine Toastmasters July 28, 2012: Hot!

Goldmine Toastmasters July 28, 2012: It was hot! And so were the Goldmine members!
The meeting was opened by Presiding Officer Phyllis Kombol, Thought of the Day and Pledge by Alex Porter, and with Toastmaster Richard Archer leading our meeting, in spite of his computer being silenced by a virus (he was grateful that most roles were confirmed at the last meeting, so there was little rearranging to be done).
Jerry Weikle told us a joke of biblical proportions: although you may not expect to turn into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife, watch where you are driving so that you do not turn into a telephone pole!
Mike Hall had a hard time counting our use of vicissitudes since we had a hard time figuring out how to use that word, but he listened carefully for some other interesting phrases which he reported at the end of the evaluation section of the meeting.
Lee Johnston ably kept the time, and noticed when members talked a little too long (Amy & Joyce).
Matthew Charity was kept busy counting the ahs, ums, etc. and gave the “Ah Stick” to Amy Beam at the end of the meeting, since we think she might be building a new house and need some additional wood.
Jessica Keyes gave several of us the option to choose from the “Take Me to Your Leader” Book or the Pink Flamingo categories for our Table Topics participants.  The vicissitudes of both options meant that no one really had any idea what the questions might be about. Jay Johnson (glad to have him here from Florida again) told us about his invention of the roach killer. We have no idea why this has not made him a millionaire!  Roxan and Rook (who came together as visitors from Nevada, recently relocated to Salisbury), together got to address a Pink Flamingo question. We found out that although Rook does not think he has ever been to a party where there were pink flamingos, he has witnessed the wondrous sight of a flock of them taking flight.  Sam Mullis was asked what type of food he might invent , but he told us he did not think there was anything that would top real barbecue, a la Troutman’s (made our mouths water just thinking about it). All qualified; Jay won…I think we could all just imagine that invention in use!
Our prepared speeches were:
1.        “Olympic Excellence” by Karen Boothe (Vocal Variety, CC project #6) where she told us why she might actually stay up past her usual 9 o’clock bedtime to watch the summer Olympics.  The famous athletes she recalled brought vivid memories back for many of us, especially the bit about the “pint-sized bundle of energy,” Mary Lou Retton, the speed of Flo Jo, and the grace of Greg Luganis, among others. She won the best speaker award.
2.       Amy Beam’s “Strangers: Friend or Foe” (CC project #4 How to Say it) showed us her beginning storytelling skills as well as her ability to make positive personal contacts out of encounters with strangers.  She colorfully recounted scenes of waiting at the drug store with an older gentleman needing needles, meeting a marketing expert at a conference, and sharing a row with an AA pilot while reveling in the God’s artistic ability from 30,000 feet.
3.       Phyllis Kombol asked us all to consider being a mentor, or maybe requesting mentoring, by explaining how mentoring benefits the mentee, the mentor, and the whole club. She brought some gadgets (computer and projector) that were challenging to use in the meeting format, but used personal anecdotes to spice up the Toastmasters International Successful Club Series power point to bring us to the point of expressing our mentoring interests on paper.  We expect to have her and Serena continuing the mentoring program at Goldmine, so that we all benefit.
Our Master Evaluator Steve Boles led our evaluator team and gave general comments about how our meeting functioned.
·         Serena Edwards evaluated Karen Boothe’s speech.
·         Shyam Narayan evaluated Amy Beam’s speech, and won best evaluator for his efforts.
·         Joyce Preston evaluated Phyllis Kombol’s speech.
Our business meeting included comments from our 3 guests: Roxan Park (CC, ALB, 7 year TM member) and Rook Wetzel (CC, TM member 1 ½ years) who recently moved from Nevada to the Salisbury area.  She is a career coach, and finds herself needing her own services in finding a job in this area.  Michael Waddell is an insurance agent whose wife gave him the good advice to come to Toastmasters based on a friend’s connection with our own Kim Jackson (who we think of as a “connector”…gets people together in much fewer than 7 degrees of separation).  All gave positive feedback about how they received response to inquiry and/or welcome, and about how they could see the value to come have fun with Goldmine on Saturday mornings. We hope to see them all back soon.
Other business:
·         Recap Annual Banquet last weekend: the 36th Communication and Leadership award was presented to David Goforth, County Horticultural Agent; officers installed by Deb Lee, PDG, and Serena Edwards was awarded Goldmine’s Toastmaster of the Year honors!
·         Phyllis is willing to share and help use projector/computer equipment if you want to incorporate technology into your presentations, as many of us are expected to do so in work situations.  It does take practice to use it smoothly; and we can help each other do it well.
·         Dues…some still due?
·         Be thinking ahead: Humorous and Evaluation contests will be coming up soon. Division B contest will be Oct. 20, so Club and Area will be before that. Would you like to compete or be a contest chair (fits into CL manual (projects 6,8,10)? This leads up to the District Fall Conference Nov. 2-4 at the Hickory Crowne Plaza.
·         Jessica Keyes and Mike Hall plan to do a “Mobile Bookstore” at the fall conference and will need volunteers to help assemble pre-orders…please consider volunteering to help.
·         Induction conducted by President Phyllis Kombol, outgoing VP-Membership Jerry Weikle and incoming VP-Membership Matthew Charity for Amy Beam, presenting her Toastmaster pin and pledging all our participation in the club with her.
·         Next meeting’s plan was reviewed by VP-Education Serena Edwards.  Joyce Preston will be the TMOD; Serena Edwards will be presiding officer in Phyllis’ absence.
Awards were given by Matthew Charity as noted above and the meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM.

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