Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 9, 2012 at the Mine

Today we welcomed back a visitor from the not too distant past, J D Collier. He jumped into the fire by participating in Table Topics, more info. on that later.

I, as Goldmine President, opened the meeting at 8:30 AM.  I was followed by Shayam, our Thought of the Day Speaker who dwelled on working life in a cubicle.  He then gave a brilliant, off the cuff introduction or the Toastmaster of the Day, The not so honorable Alex Porter (he ain't right)!

Alex led the team in song and dance as follows;
Jokemaster - Sam
Wordmaster - Matthew
Ah Bell - Jerry
Timer - Tony

Now back to Table Topics;

John - What kind of music band would you be in if you could?
     Bluegrass, playing the fiddle, banjo or violin and playing Amazing Grace!
JD - If you could trade places with anybody in the world for one day, who would it be?
     With someone wealthy so I could jump in my jet and live a life of luxury, for a day.
Shyam - What was your favorite toy as a child?
     My green jeep because I could travel the world in my own yard!
Tony - If you were in a circus, what would your job be?
     A clown that comes out of the tiny car with 19 other clowns!

Prepared Speeches;

Richard Archer - "What Did You Say?"  Did you know that Richard lost much of his hearing at a tender young age due to measles?  Speak up people!

Insook Lee - "Goodbye"  Insook is moving to NY this week, having found a studio apartment in Central Park West.  She's emotionally dragging but reality is starting to set in.  Some of the best things she's found about Goldmine Toastmasters is the great, diverse, open-minded members in such a small town and how we have taught her how to use American humor.  She said that her one room studio apartment is very small but she hopes we'll come and visit her and if we are female, she'd give us her bed and sleep on the floor because that's her hospitality standard.  What a class act!  Insook exceeded her time limit but we didn't care!  We'll miss you Insook Lee.

Sonny evaluated Richard
Sam evaluated Insook

Best Table Topic Speaker - Shayam
Best Speaker - Richard
Best Evaluator - Sam
"Ah" Stick - JD

Business - Joyce counts her chickens before they're hatched!  We may not achieve President's Distinguished after all because the Officer List was not submitted last year until July 7th but was due June 30th.  We'd have to enroll 4 new members to obtain the 9th  goal, otherwise we're considered Select Distinguished Club this year.  Rest assured the names have been submitted this year already and go towards next year's requirements.We couldn't understand why the chart on the Headquarters web site wasn't changing as our new list of officers for 2013 had been processed! I apologize for the discrepancy.  Live and learn.

See You Saturday!


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