Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 16, 2012

Holy Moly - we had 5 guests today, including some "high fluting" Toastmasters from the District!

J. D. Collier - return visitor
Sumitha Nalla - 1st time visitor
Barney Barnum  - former Goldmine TM and recipient of 3 DTM's
Johnny Piercy - District elected Lieutenant Governor of Marketing 2012 - 2013
Bryan Walsh - District 37 Governor

No pressure Matthew - our TM of the day!  He was cool as a cucumber.
I started off with the Thought of the Day - but forgot to pledge allegiance to the flag - who's choking under pressure.  Matthew swooped in and took control - thanks for the save Matthew. He even provided his own joke - now that's multi-tasking.

Richard gave us a germane reason why he's the Grammarian for the Day, followed by Cynthia, who was ready to "ring your AH Bell" and Karen, with a great explanation of her role as Timer.

Amy Beam served her role as Table Topics Master with the following;
Phyllis, - the zoo is on fire, which animal are you taking home to save - a bear, alligator or skunk?
Sonny - how will you get that talking shark back to it's mom?
Bill - on the highway from Hawaii to the inland states (bring a good book)

Phyllis won Best Table Topics - that stinker!

We were honored with 3 speakers today;
Phyllis - a Roast to Joyce
Jessica - Art  Class, complete with an incredible array of paintings and prints
Mike - Xray Basics

Phyllis won Best Speaker

Evaluators were Steve, Sonny and Sam, respectively.

Sam won Best evaluator

Kim fulfilled her role as General Evaluator with her usual finesse.  She's such a class act!  speaking of class acts, John Shepard was also in attendance today, although he did not have a speaking role.  Always a pleasure John.

Bryan Walsh spoke about a new club in being formed in Jay Nodine's honor called "Funny Bone Club".  He's looking to charter before the end of June so step right up and get your groove on with fun and laughter!  Ask Sonny or I for details.

Cynthia closed the meeting at 10:11 AM.

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