Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters Meeting - Saturday, June 23

Today's meeting was awesome (as usual!) It was also monumental as our current VP of E, Phyllis Kombol, brought in three guests (her daughter, Kathy Kombol; her son, Thomas Kombol, and his girlfriend, Georgia Carlton), all of which joined Goldmine! Therefore, making us once again President's Distinguished for the 6th year in a row! Woo hoo Phyllis!

Joyce Preston started the meeting as Presiding Officer at 8:32 a.m. and Phyllis led the meeting as today's Toastmaster. Joyce shared a deep thought while Phyllis stepped in as the Jokemaster.

Steve Boles led the Table Topics section preying on the newbies.
  • Kathy answered the question, "What is your favorite nursery rhyme?" She admitted she was never big on sing-song rhymes, but instead preferred the books with stories with pictures.
  • Thomas told the group that the planet he would like to visit most would be Venus, as it is the most like the Earth. Unfortunately he didn't speak long enough to qualify for voting.
  • Georgia tried to answer what her favorite movie is, although she doesn't have a favorite movie because her mom owned a video store and they watched movies over and over growing up.
Best Table Topics Speaker: Georgia Carlton (woo hoo!)

Steve and Alex Porter shared the job of timer, with Alex timing the Table Topics and Speeches and Steve stepping in to time the Evaluations, as Alex also had the role of General Evaluator.

Kim Jackson rang the bell as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Sam took on the role of Grammarian/Wordmaster, tallying up the uses of the word of the day: rationale, and listening for good and bad grammar.

The prepared speakers of the day included:
  • Karen Boothe gave her 5th speech in the CC manual titled, "Priceless Playground Discoveries."
  • Cynthia Randolph have her 4th CC speech, "In a Flash."
  • Bill Battermann gave a "stump" speech and political speech, "What is Democracy?"
Best Speaker: Karen Boothe

Al Minter evaluated Karen
Joyce evaluated Cynthia
Serena evaluated Bill (did not qualify; went over in time)

Best Evaluator: Joyce Preston

Congrats again on our three new members
Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster: Bill Battermann.

Reminder: Tall Tales/Homemade Ice Cream Contests on July 14 from 9-12 at Baker's Creek Park

Minutes prepared by Serena Edwards. Meeting ended at 10:17 a.m.

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