Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters meeting- June 30, 2012

Al Minter opened the meeting at 8:32 a.m. as Presiding Officer and one of our new members, Thomas Kombol, shared a fabulous joke and took up the timer position.
Cynthia Randolph shared a Thought of the Day and introduced Bill Battermann who led the meeting today with his special preacher-politician flare.
John Shepherd took up the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter position.
Serena Edwards did both the Grammarian role and General Evaluator.

Another new member, Kathy Kombol, led the Table Topics, asking Shyam what ice cream flavor would he be. Considering he doesn't like ice cream, he would be Rocky Road because he thinks "Rocky" fits his personality. Richard answered the question what favorite superhero would he be? He doesn't know any of the "new" superheroes except Superman, but would like to reintroduce the "old time" heroes like the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. John was asked if he was trapped in a TV show for a month, which one would it be? His answer was The Office.

Prepared speakers:
  • Al Minter did the speech, "The Real Superheroes," from the CC manual, Organize Your Speech.
  • Georgia Carlton did her Icebreaker speech (doing great!)
  • Alex Porter spoke on voting with his speech from Speaking to Inform, "Dodiss."
Richard evaluated Al.
Kathy stepped in at the last minute to evaluate Georgia (doing great for her first time!)
Shyam evaluated Alex.

Best TT Speaker: John Shepherd
Best Speaker: Al Minter
Best Evaluator: Shyam Narayan
Ah Stick: Kathy Kombol

Next week's scheduled Toastmaster: Jerry Weikle

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