Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters meeting- June 30, 2012

Al Minter opened the meeting at 8:32 a.m. as Presiding Officer and one of our new members, Thomas Kombol, shared a fabulous joke and took up the timer position.
Cynthia Randolph shared a Thought of the Day and introduced Bill Battermann who led the meeting today with his special preacher-politician flare.
John Shepherd took up the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter position.
Serena Edwards did both the Grammarian role and General Evaluator.

Another new member, Kathy Kombol, led the Table Topics, asking Shyam what ice cream flavor would he be. Considering he doesn't like ice cream, he would be Rocky Road because he thinks "Rocky" fits his personality. Richard answered the question what favorite superhero would he be? He doesn't know any of the "new" superheroes except Superman, but would like to reintroduce the "old time" heroes like the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. John was asked if he was trapped in a TV show for a month, which one would it be? His answer was The Office.

Prepared speakers:
  • Al Minter did the speech, "The Real Superheroes," from the CC manual, Organize Your Speech.
  • Georgia Carlton did her Icebreaker speech (doing great!)
  • Alex Porter spoke on voting with his speech from Speaking to Inform, "Dodiss."
Richard evaluated Al.
Kathy stepped in at the last minute to evaluate Georgia (doing great for her first time!)
Shyam evaluated Alex.

Best TT Speaker: John Shepherd
Best Speaker: Al Minter
Best Evaluator: Shyam Narayan
Ah Stick: Kathy Kombol

Next week's scheduled Toastmaster: Jerry Weikle

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goldmine Toastmasters Meeting - Saturday, June 23

Today's meeting was awesome (as usual!) It was also monumental as our current VP of E, Phyllis Kombol, brought in three guests (her daughter, Kathy Kombol; her son, Thomas Kombol, and his girlfriend, Georgia Carlton), all of which joined Goldmine! Therefore, making us once again President's Distinguished for the 6th year in a row! Woo hoo Phyllis!

Joyce Preston started the meeting as Presiding Officer at 8:32 a.m. and Phyllis led the meeting as today's Toastmaster. Joyce shared a deep thought while Phyllis stepped in as the Jokemaster.

Steve Boles led the Table Topics section preying on the newbies.
  • Kathy answered the question, "What is your favorite nursery rhyme?" She admitted she was never big on sing-song rhymes, but instead preferred the books with stories with pictures.
  • Thomas told the group that the planet he would like to visit most would be Venus, as it is the most like the Earth. Unfortunately he didn't speak long enough to qualify for voting.
  • Georgia tried to answer what her favorite movie is, although she doesn't have a favorite movie because her mom owned a video store and they watched movies over and over growing up.
Best Table Topics Speaker: Georgia Carlton (woo hoo!)

Steve and Alex Porter shared the job of timer, with Alex timing the Table Topics and Speeches and Steve stepping in to time the Evaluations, as Alex also had the role of General Evaluator.

Kim Jackson rang the bell as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Sam took on the role of Grammarian/Wordmaster, tallying up the uses of the word of the day: rationale, and listening for good and bad grammar.

The prepared speakers of the day included:
  • Karen Boothe gave her 5th speech in the CC manual titled, "Priceless Playground Discoveries."
  • Cynthia Randolph have her 4th CC speech, "In a Flash."
  • Bill Battermann gave a "stump" speech and political speech, "What is Democracy?"
Best Speaker: Karen Boothe

Al Minter evaluated Karen
Joyce evaluated Cynthia
Serena evaluated Bill (did not qualify; went over in time)

Best Evaluator: Joyce Preston

Congrats again on our three new members
Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster: Bill Battermann.

Reminder: Tall Tales/Homemade Ice Cream Contests on July 14 from 9-12 at Baker's Creek Park

Minutes prepared by Serena Edwards. Meeting ended at 10:17 a.m.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 16, 2012

Holy Moly - we had 5 guests today, including some "high fluting" Toastmasters from the District!

J. D. Collier - return visitor
Sumitha Nalla - 1st time visitor
Barney Barnum  - former Goldmine TM and recipient of 3 DTM's
Johnny Piercy - District elected Lieutenant Governor of Marketing 2012 - 2013
Bryan Walsh - District 37 Governor

No pressure Matthew - our TM of the day!  He was cool as a cucumber.
I started off with the Thought of the Day - but forgot to pledge allegiance to the flag - who's choking under pressure.  Matthew swooped in and took control - thanks for the save Matthew. He even provided his own joke - now that's multi-tasking.

Richard gave us a germane reason why he's the Grammarian for the Day, followed by Cynthia, who was ready to "ring your AH Bell" and Karen, with a great explanation of her role as Timer.

Amy Beam served her role as Table Topics Master with the following;
Phyllis, - the zoo is on fire, which animal are you taking home to save - a bear, alligator or skunk?
Sonny - how will you get that talking shark back to it's mom?
Bill - on the highway from Hawaii to the inland states (bring a good book)

Phyllis won Best Table Topics - that stinker!

We were honored with 3 speakers today;
Phyllis - a Roast to Joyce
Jessica - Art  Class, complete with an incredible array of paintings and prints
Mike - Xray Basics

Phyllis won Best Speaker

Evaluators were Steve, Sonny and Sam, respectively.

Sam won Best evaluator

Kim fulfilled her role as General Evaluator with her usual finesse.  She's such a class act!  speaking of class acts, John Shepard was also in attendance today, although he did not have a speaking role.  Always a pleasure John.

Bryan Walsh spoke about a new club in being formed in Jay Nodine's honor called "Funny Bone Club".  He's looking to charter before the end of June so step right up and get your groove on with fun and laughter!  Ask Sonny or I for details.

Cynthia closed the meeting at 10:11 AM.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 9, 2012 at the Mine

Today we welcomed back a visitor from the not too distant past, J D Collier. He jumped into the fire by participating in Table Topics, more info. on that later.

I, as Goldmine President, opened the meeting at 8:30 AM.  I was followed by Shayam, our Thought of the Day Speaker who dwelled on working life in a cubicle.  He then gave a brilliant, off the cuff introduction or the Toastmaster of the Day, The not so honorable Alex Porter (he ain't right)!

Alex led the team in song and dance as follows;
Jokemaster - Sam
Wordmaster - Matthew
Ah Bell - Jerry
Timer - Tony

Now back to Table Topics;

John - What kind of music band would you be in if you could?
     Bluegrass, playing the fiddle, banjo or violin and playing Amazing Grace!
JD - If you could trade places with anybody in the world for one day, who would it be?
     With someone wealthy so I could jump in my jet and live a life of luxury, for a day.
Shyam - What was your favorite toy as a child?
     My green jeep because I could travel the world in my own yard!
Tony - If you were in a circus, what would your job be?
     A clown that comes out of the tiny car with 19 other clowns!

Prepared Speeches;

Richard Archer - "What Did You Say?"  Did you know that Richard lost much of his hearing at a tender young age due to measles?  Speak up people!

Insook Lee - "Goodbye"  Insook is moving to NY this week, having found a studio apartment in Central Park West.  She's emotionally dragging but reality is starting to set in.  Some of the best things she's found about Goldmine Toastmasters is the great, diverse, open-minded members in such a small town and how we have taught her how to use American humor.  She said that her one room studio apartment is very small but she hopes we'll come and visit her and if we are female, she'd give us her bed and sleep on the floor because that's her hospitality standard.  What a class act!  Insook exceeded her time limit but we didn't care!  We'll miss you Insook Lee.

Sonny evaluated Richard
Sam evaluated Insook

Best Table Topic Speaker - Shayam
Best Speaker - Richard
Best Evaluator - Sam
"Ah" Stick - JD

Business - Joyce counts her chickens before they're hatched!  We may not achieve President's Distinguished after all because the Officer List was not submitted last year until July 7th but was due June 30th.  We'd have to enroll 4 new members to obtain the 9th  goal, otherwise we're considered Select Distinguished Club this year.  Rest assured the names have been submitted this year already and go towards next year's requirements.We couldn't understand why the chart on the Headquarters web site wasn't changing as our new list of officers for 2013 had been processed! I apologize for the discrepancy.  Live and learn.

See You Saturday!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, June 2

Today's meeting proved to be a typical fun-filled Goldmine meeting! Joyce Preston presided over the meeting, introducing  -- for the "last time" -- Thought of the Day presenter, Serena "Haneline." Soon-to-be (THIS Saturday) Serena "Edwards" gave a thought related to her upcoming nuptials:

"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living." -- Jose N. Harris, "A Story of Faith, Hope and Love"

Serena introduced the Toastmaster of the Day, Phyllis Kombol who led the meeting with gusto and grace. Sonny Tolbert started us off with a joke about a carberator trouble in the lake (guess you had to be there!). Mike held the time wand, apparently waving it to make everyone go over in time! No, it really wasn't Mike's fault.

Al Minter dinged the "Ah" bell and counted the ballots for our disqualified speakers and evaluators, while Kim Jackson listened for grammar (good and bad)  and the word of the day, "acrimonious," as our Wordmaster.

Karen Boothe, while having some random conversation with her husband, thought of some interesting and creative Table Topics.
  • She asked Jessica Keyes "This is the 30th anniversary of E.T. Where were you when E.T. came out?" Jessica believed she may have been playing with a toy when E.T. first hit theaters.
  • Steve Boles, as dramatic as possible, answered the question, "Why do clowns wear makeup?" His thought is it's their disguise because no one wants to laugh at some goofy guy NOT wearing clown makeup!
  • Sonny Tolbert gave his answer to "What are some uses for WD-40?" He oils his joints and his rusty tools. Who knew?
  • And the best question of all time came to Lee Johnston: "Why is the sky blue?" Two words: "Why not?"
Our prepared speakers of the day included Alex Porter, who spoke from Advanced manual, "Speaking to Inform," #5. The topic of his informative speech was "What Would Jane and John Say?" Speaking time 6-8 minutes. Actual time: 8:45.
Joyce Preston shared her speech, "Rescue a Dog and Get a Devoted Friend," from the Advanced manual, "Specialty Speeches," "Sell a Product." Speaking time 8-10 minutes. Actual time: 10:56.

Matthew Charity enjoyed evaluating Alex (time: 3:42)
Cynthia Randolph gave a glowing evaluation of Joyce (time: 3:33)

Jerry Weikle evaluated the meeting as General Evaluator and Kim Jackson gave her Wordmaster report, reporting many uses of the word of the day and finding out the meaning of Alex's word "peccadillo" - a very minor or slight sin or offense."

Business Session:
  • We voted on the Communicator and Leadership Award for nominee, David Goforth. He will receive this award at our annual Awards Banquet on July 21 at Union St. Bistro (where our upcoming officers will also be commissioned). 
  • We have completed 9 out of 10 goals to become President's Distinguished yet again!
  • Tall Tales Contest is on July 14 at Baker's Creek Park in Kannapolis. Need more speakers, ballot counters, judges, etc. Contact Phyllis if you are interested. 
  •  District 37 camping trip is July 30.
  • Reviewed next week's schedule. Next week's Toastmaster is Alex Porter.
Best Table Topics: Jessica Keyes
Best Speaker: Alex Porter
Best Evaluator: Cynthia Randolph
"Ah" Stick: Cynthia Randolph

**If you are interested in helping out with the blog once a month, please contact Serena or Joyce! We need more helpers!