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Obsessed with Toastmasters - 5/19/12

     I knew it would be a good meeting as I was greeted by my three wise men today, Richard Archer, Sam Mullis & John Sheppard.  Other long time members Lee Johnson & Al Minter soon followed.

First time Toastmaster, Amy Beam took the helm as we began our communication and leadership venture today. Shyam began our meeting with a thought about getting older and the verbiage that is used to describe different milestones.  Hey Shyam - I'm 51 and one-fourth today!  Lee humored us with various bumper stickers he's read lately.  How about
                               Honk if you love peace and quiet ?

Always cool as a cucumber, Al did not obsess about his role as grammarian, he embraced it like a lost friend.  It's always a blessing to have one of our Distinguished Toastmasters around! Speaking of Distinguished TM - welcome back John, our gracious Ah Bell and Ballot Counter for the day.  Not obsessing about his role as Timer, Alex explained his role with grace and decorum.

As Table Topics Master and realtor,  Serena took us house hunting as we explained our desire to live in, well, not so desirable locations.

Richard wants to live next to a nuclear power plant so that he can avoid electricity bills and not worry about roaming critters in the area - they're all, how shall I say it, terminated!

Insook will be living in a swamp.  Water is the essence of life and she will invent a process to filter it to clean drinking water and contribute her knowledge to the world.  I'm seeing a Nobel Peace Prize here!

Jerry will reside at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  He expects many, many visitors and hopes they'll throw money at him for good luck.  Bring beer please!

Lee can be found at the top of the water tower doing what else, the backstroke!  He's not worried about getting thirsty, he'll just punch a hole and cheer!

Winner - Serena - at 4% commission and 3 sales today - she'll celebrate tonight!  Richard Archer camer in honorable second (first).

Two fine speakers engaged us with their orations today.  Shaym taught us the art of delegation and Sam taught us the art of creative imagery!  We are graced to have the professionalism of Shyam and the witty storytelling  of Sam all in the same day.

Insook, as General Evaluator, guided Sonny and I through our evaluation process, Sonny evaluating Sam & I evaluation Shyam.

Best Speaker - Sam        Best Evaluator - Joyce

Overall winner, Amy Beam as she mastered her 1st time role as Toastmaster for the Day!

****Save the Date*****
July 14 - Tall Tales and Ice Cream
July 21 - Installation Banquet at Union Street Bistro
July 28th weekend - District 37 KOA Boone camping

Joyce Preston

Goldmine President

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