Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goldmine Meeting- May 25, 2012

Today's Goldmine numbers were low but the energy was high. Karen Boothe did an AWESOME job as Toastmaster for the first time! Jerry Weikle took over as Presiding Officer and started the meeting just a minute late.
Serena Haneline shared the answering service at the mental institute as the joke of the day. Bill Batterman commanded the word of the day, "trepidation," as Wordmaster/Grammarian. Jessica Keyes took over Al's job as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Serena did double duty, taking the role of Timer as well.
Alex Porter led the Table Topics centered around the word of the day.
  • Lee Johnson told us about the last "rose buds" he had gathered lately (or not!)
  • Jerry Weikle said the method of transportation that would cause him the least trepidation was a train over a plane and meeting a strange fellow on the last train he was on.
  • Kim Jackson was asked which would cause her the least trepidation, finding a snake in her bed or Bill Batterman and Sam Mullis? She talked about the last trip overseas when she was asked about the tarantulas that may have been sleeping with her!
  • Jessica Keyes talked about her experiences of trepidation with parking decks over parking lots.
Table Topics Winner (and receiver of Alex's bouquet of flowers straight from his bushes): Kim Jackson!

Speakers included:
  • Amy Beam, speaking from #3 of CC manual: "Gods and goddesses," spoke about her dogs, Thor and Athena, in which she has a foundation named after. 
  • Matthew Charity, from Specialty Speeches Advanced Manual, "Oh, the Places You'll Go," did an interpretive reading of Dr. Seuss' book of the same name.
 Alex Porter evaluated Amy while Sam Mullis evaluated Matthew.

Best Speaker: Matthew Charity (Amy disqualified for time)
Best Evaluator: Alex Porter

Kim Jackson wrapped up the meeting with her thorough evaluation of the meeting, reminding everyone to please be on time or early (ESPECIALLY for new Toastmasters!)

Business Meeting led by Presiding Officer Jerry:
  • SPECIAL REMINDER:  Please send all nominations for the Communication and Leadership Award to Jerry Weikle NO LATER than Wednesday, May 30 so that all nominations can be voted on at the June 2 meeting.
  • Reminder to bring your Leadership manual to get evaluated for roles done!
  • July 14: Tall Tales Contest/Ice Cream Contest: Need more participants and help with the contest. If you are interested in being a part of these exciting contests, email Phyllis Kombol.
  • July 21: Annual Banquet at Union St. Bistro
  • Serena reviewed next week's agenda. Next weeks' Toastmaster: Richard Archer
Meeting adjourned at 9:54 a.m. Minutes prepared by Serena Haneline.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obsessed with Toastmasters - 5/19/12

     I knew it would be a good meeting as I was greeted by my three wise men today, Richard Archer, Sam Mullis & John Sheppard.  Other long time members Lee Johnson & Al Minter soon followed.

First time Toastmaster, Amy Beam took the helm as we began our communication and leadership venture today. Shyam began our meeting with a thought about getting older and the verbiage that is used to describe different milestones.  Hey Shyam - I'm 51 and one-fourth today!  Lee humored us with various bumper stickers he's read lately.  How about
                               Honk if you love peace and quiet ?

Always cool as a cucumber, Al did not obsess about his role as grammarian, he embraced it like a lost friend.  It's always a blessing to have one of our Distinguished Toastmasters around! Speaking of Distinguished TM - welcome back John, our gracious Ah Bell and Ballot Counter for the day.  Not obsessing about his role as Timer, Alex explained his role with grace and decorum.

As Table Topics Master and realtor,  Serena took us house hunting as we explained our desire to live in, well, not so desirable locations.

Richard wants to live next to a nuclear power plant so that he can avoid electricity bills and not worry about roaming critters in the area - they're all, how shall I say it, terminated!

Insook will be living in a swamp.  Water is the essence of life and she will invent a process to filter it to clean drinking water and contribute her knowledge to the world.  I'm seeing a Nobel Peace Prize here!

Jerry will reside at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  He expects many, many visitors and hopes they'll throw money at him for good luck.  Bring beer please!

Lee can be found at the top of the water tower doing what else, the backstroke!  He's not worried about getting thirsty, he'll just punch a hole and cheer!

Winner - Serena - at 4% commission and 3 sales today - she'll celebrate tonight!  Richard Archer camer in honorable second (first).

Two fine speakers engaged us with their orations today.  Shaym taught us the art of delegation and Sam taught us the art of creative imagery!  We are graced to have the professionalism of Shyam and the witty storytelling  of Sam all in the same day.

Insook, as General Evaluator, guided Sonny and I through our evaluation process, Sonny evaluating Sam & I evaluation Shyam.

Best Speaker - Sam        Best Evaluator - Joyce

Overall winner, Amy Beam as she mastered her 1st time role as Toastmaster for the Day!

****Save the Date*****
July 14 - Tall Tales and Ice Cream
July 21 - Installation Banquet at Union Street Bistro
July 28th weekend - District 37 KOA Boone camping

Joyce Preston

Goldmine President

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The 12 May meeting of Goldmine Toastmasters was called to order at the scheduled starting time of 8:30. Members attending were: Richard Archer, Karen Boothe, Shyam Naryan, Sonny Tolbert, Alex Porter, Jerry Weikle, Phyllis Kombol, Joyce Preston, Bill Batterman, Sam Mullis, and Steve Boles.

Gary Kennedy was visiting.

Presiding officer, Joyce Preston opened the meeting and introduced the thought of the day presenter, Jerry Weikle.

Jerry introduced the Toastmaster, Steve Boles.

Steve as jokemaster started the meeting on a humerous note.

Phyllis Kombol explained her role as timer.

Alex Porter explained the duties and responsibilities of the ah bell/ballot counter.

Sam Mullis introduced the word of the day and explained the role of Grammarian.

The word of the day was fallible and is an adjective meaning: Liable to err, especially in being deceived or mistaken. Liable to be erroneous or false, not accurate. Capable of making a mistake.

The table topics master, Shyam Naryan introduced the table topics theme, Fun Summer Activities.

Alex Porter reported on his camping trip to Jellystone Park.

Gary Kennedy reported on his experience in grilling with Bobby Flay.

Phyllis Kombol described the best Mother's Day Gift.

Jerry Weikly told us about his favorite vegetable plant.

Sonny Tolbert, the first prepared speaker, presented from the CC manual project number ten, Inspire your Audience.

The title of his speech: No Excuses 

He encouraged us to not accept any excuses for avoiding regular exercise.

Karen Boothe, the second prepared speaker, presented from the CC manual project number four, How to Say It.

The speech title: The Gift of Friendship.

She told us about her group of friends who support and inspire her.

Bill Batterman as the first evaluator offered encouragement to Sonny Tolbert.

Richard Archer provided helpful advice to Karen Boothe.

Remember the Home Made Ice Cream - Tall Tales Contest scheduled for 14 July and the Communication and Leadership Award - Officers Instellation Banquet scheduled for 21 July.

Alex Porter presented Awards to: Best Table Topics, Gary Kennedy; Best Speaker, Sonny Tolbert; Best Evaluator, Bill Batterman; and Ah Stick Gary Kennedy.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 am.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Small in Number Large in Value

Attending the five May meeting of Goldmine Toastmasters were:
Alex, Sonny, Jerry, Insook, Amy, Sam, and Cynthia.

Jerry as the presiding officer Introduced Cynthia who presented the thought of the day and introduced the Toastmaster...also Cynthia.