Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In spite of a snafu, we managed to put a good meeting together. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble and effort to prepare the room for a birthday party Saturday afternoon. But we were able to get a meeting together, and hopefully did not disrupt the birthday decorations too much.

Attending were : Serena, Sonny, Lee, Karen, Insook, Sam, Mike, Jessica, Amy, Richard, and Alex.

Serena as presiding officer opened the meeting and introduced Sam who presented the thought of the day and introduced the Toastmaste, Mike.

Mike continued the meeting by introducing: Lee Johnson as the joke master, Serena as the timer, Karen as the ah bell/ballot counter, and Sam as wordmaster. Alex as Table Topics Master called on Karen, who talked about thousands of gorillas hanging from trees, Serena responded to the statement "You idiot, how could you let things go this far." and Lee who talked about the loud noise from the kitchen.

Jessica was the first prepared speaker. She talked about hidden treasure.
Amy talked about the three letters (DUI)

Insook evaluated Jessica and Richard evaluated Amy.

Best Table Topics: Karen Booth
Best Speaker: Amy Beam
Best Evaluator: Richard Archer
Ah Stick: Mike Hall

Serena is the TMOD next week. Jessica needs volunteers to help with a youth leadership program Sunday 9:30 to 12 and volunteers to help with the bookstore at the conference.

Serena added: "Congrats to Sam Mullis for winning 1st prize in a story contest and 2nd place in a poetry slam!"

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