Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Howling Good Time on April 29, 2012

Is it feasible to have a howling good time?  Here's the definition of howling: To utter or emit a long, mournful, plaintive sound. To cry or wail loudly, as in pain, sorrow, or anger.
There was no wailing or crying this week, we hooted and laughed as good Goldminers do.  

Mike Hall was our Toastmaster with a theme of WOLVES - just in time for next week's Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge. We were delighted to see our guest, Doug return, as well as two other 1st time guests, Lisa and Wanda.

 Alex Porter shared his personal Thought of the Day - "Be respectful to the person speaking 
and no heckling
To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.

A good reminder for us all, especially as we "woo" our guests!

Tony Hinson came back with a vengeance as he Joked about a panda who eats, shoots and leaves.

Karen Boothe was vociferous in her quest for good Grammar!

Jessica Keyes was a most creative Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter as someone (me) forgot to bring more "best" awards.

Steve Boles rambled on and on and on (and on) about Time!

Phyllis Kombol tickled our brains with her Table Topics questions:

1.  Alex Porter - If you could have anything delivered to your doorstep daily, what would it                
2.  Steve Boles - What one thing should you throw away, but can't?
3.  Lisa - What's the greatest distance you've ever traveled in one day?
3.  Wanda - What was the most beautiful drive you've ever taken?

There were two speakers today;

Joyce Preston - This I Believe
Cynthia Randolph - The Gift That Takes Away

Sam Mullis served as our General Evaluator , introducing Tony Hinson to evaluate me, Joyce Preston and Shyam Narayan to evaluate Cynthia Randolph.

Jessica presented the awards
Table Topics - Wanda
Speaker - Joyce
Evaluator - Tony Ah Stick - Mike
Most Enthusiastic - Steve & Wanda

Mike was a fantastic Toastmaster today and it was great to see Shyam and Tony!


May 4-5 Spring Conference   GO STEVE!!
May 12 - Officer Meeting
July 14 - Tall Tales                                         date confirmed
July 21 - Officer Installation Dinner             date not confirmed
July 26 - 29 - District 37 KOA Camping      date confirmed

Remember folks,  in the big pizza wheel of life, sometimes you're the hot bubbly cheese and sometimes you're the burnt crust!

Stay Balanced,


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