Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Saturday, April 14

Today's meeting was a real surprise for the four Toastmasters who showed up! We did a literal grab bag for roles. I (Serena) drew Toastmaster, Jokemaster and volunteered to speak. I practiced a speech I gave to my singles ministry on overcoming fear.

Phyllis Kombol as our Presiding Officer, drew Timer, and Grammarian and also volunteered as speaker, doing speech #3 in "Selling a Product" titled, "PDM."

Sam Mullis drew Thought of the Day, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter and Evaluator, evaluating Serena's speech.

Jerry Weikle drew Table Topics Master, General Evaluator and Evaluator, evaluating Phyllis.

Table Topics:
  • Serena talked about her biggest pet peeve (stupid drivers)
  • Sam answered if he died tomorrow, what he would want to be remembered for (someone who made an impact)
  • Phyllis was asked if she could live in any state, what would it be? (state of gratitude!)
Best Table Topics: Sam
Best Speaker: Serena
Best Evaluator: Jerry
No "Ah" Stick award

Phyllis to send out schedule (Toastmaster unknown)
Betty's husband back in the hospital
Officer meeting next week (April 21)

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  1. Sounded like good, creative fun! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!