Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 21, 2012 Meeting

The April 21st Goldmine meeting was full of excitement, 11 members and 1 fantastic guest.  I,  Joyce Preston, had the privilege of being your Toastmaster for the day.  As I nervously fuddled my papers (I haven't been the TM in months), I forgot that Phyllis gave us the Thought of the Day and the Pledge (which I began to recite again).  Our founding fathers would be proud but as a communicator, I have to pay better attention!

Assisting in various roles were;
Grammarian - Cynthia Randolph
Ah Bell - Steve Boles
Timer - Phyllis Kombol
Jokemaster - Alex Porter

Ripped from the headlines, Kim Jackson served as Table Topics Master. She asked Doug Wehrwein  (guest) about his favorite car from the past, Steve Boles about what he'll be doing at the age of 96, and me about my favorite comic strip.

Three fine speeches were given by the following;

Jerry Weikle - 52, 8, 4, & 4.3
Sonny Tolbert - A Spartan Warrior I Shall Become
Karen Boothe - There's No Place Like Home, Til Death Do Us Part

General Evaluator, Alex Porter, worked his "mojo" along with;
Sam Mullis - evaluating Jerry
Kim Jackson - evaluating Sonny
Richard Archer - evaluating Karen

Everyone was a winner today as we increased our thirst for knowledge, communication and leadership.  Special mention goes to;

Doug - Table Topics
Sonny - Speaker
Kim - Evaluator
Doug - Ah Stick



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