Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 3, 2012 Meeting

Insook Lee served as our Toastmaster this week. Her compadres included....
Richard Archer - Thought of the Day
Alex Porter - Grammarian
Joyce Preston - Ah Bell/Ballot
Amy Beam - Jokemaster
Jessica Keyes - Timer

Jerry led the Table Topics portion with a TV Theme.

Richard Archer - If you were on Undercover Boss, what company are you representing? I did not know that Richard is one chicken loving, finger licking Popeye's Chicken fan!

Alex Porter - What would your pitch be if you are on Shark Tank? I'd never even seen the show, thank goodness Alex answered with poise and grace as he explained his Converse Ant Repellant.

Betty Walker - If you're starring in a new prime time TV show, what day of the week would it be shown? Betty is already our Golden Globe Nugget so it wouldn't really matter, we'd watch her everyday!

Richard won and is having his celebratory dinner at....Popeye's Chicken!

Three speakers today;

Mike Hall (evaluated by Serena Haneline) on "Lessons from Calvin & Hobbs"

Lee Johnston (evaluated by Phyllis Kombol) on "America the Broken"

Shyam Narayan (evaluated by Steve Boles) on "Why Sleep When You Can Cook Sweet Potato Curry?' I've often pondered that very question in my own life!

Fabulous job by our General Evaluator - Sam Mullis!

Best Speaker - Shyam
Best Evaluator - Phyllis
Business Section

New member pins have arrived!!
Larry (Betty's husband) is improving daily!!
Jay Johnson's surgery is a success!!

March 19th Contest at Troutman's BBQ - GO STEVE AND GO GOLDMINE!!!!!

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