Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joyce as the presiding officer opened the meeting.  Sam presented the thought of the day and introduced Al as the Toastmaster. Betty Walker kept track of the "ahs" and other crutch words and counted ballots. Jerry kept us on time. Shyam introduced the word of the day and monitored our use of American English. Kim entertained us with a joke.

Phyllis led in the table topics portion of the meeting. We discovered that Alex's choice for a vacation was Myrtle Beach. Karen is an early bird who gets up at the crack of dawn. Steve Boles had his life changed with the birth of his daughter Sara. And Sonny Tolbert is Irish at heart, if not by nationality.

Jessica Keys spoke to us about the trials and challenges of being a leprechaun. 

Cynthia continued her journey through the basic manual with Competent Communicator project number 2 entitled "Press Forward."

Jessica's presentation was evaluated by Mike.

Cynthia was revealed as an imposter by Steve. He felt her speech reflected skills far beyond what is expected from a new toastmaster.

In the business session upcoming events were reviewed. We were reminded that dues are due.  Quarterly dues are $60.

The awardsd were presented:

Table topics:  Sonny Tolbert
Speaker:  Cynthia Randolf
Evealuator:  Steve Boles
"ah" Stick: Mike Hall

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57.

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