Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, March 24

Hey all you Goldminers!

If you missed Saturday, you missed a good time! Jessica Keyes led the meeting as our Toastmaster. Though we were a small bunch (only 13 members and no guests), we made the most of a great meeting packed with humor and fun (as usual)!

Members in attendance:
  • Richard Archer
  • Sam Mulllis
  • Karen Boothe
  • Insook Lee
  • Betty Walker
  • Cynthia Randolf
  • Serena Haneline
  • Phyllis Kombol
  • Mike Hall
  • Jessica Keyes
  • Sonny Tolbert 
  • Steve Boles
 Phyllis started the meeting on time as our Presiding Officer. Jessica stepped in to give a Thought of the Day and then introduced our Jokemaster, Karen Boothe, who shared a funny joke (yes, some are not so funny). Sam Mullis took a dual role as Wordmaster and General Evaluator. Mike Hall counted ballots and rang the "Ah" bell and Cynthia Randolf did a fab job as Timer (her first time!).

Serena led the Table Topics round as Table Topic Master. The theme was weird REAL words from the dictionary. The following took on the challenge of coming up with the definition of the following words:
  • Steve Boles: "Bouquinist": blooming idiot (Real Definition: "Used Book Salesman")
  • Cynthia Randolf: "Curwhibble": to laugh, have fun (Real Definition: "thing-a-ma-jig" or "whatcha-ma-callit")
  • Karen Boothe: "Rhathymia": to run (Real Definition: "being cheerful, optimistic")
  • Mike Hall: "Hodypeak": lesser peak of a mountain (Real Definition: "blockhead or food")
Best Table Topic Speaker: Steve

  1. Sonny: "A Walk Among the Buffalo" from the Competent Communicator
  2. Phyllis: "95" from Advanced manual: Speaking in Praise
  3. Insook Lee: "The Green Frog and His Widowed Mother" from Advanced manual: Storytelling
Best Speaker: Phyllis

  1. Richard evaluated Steve
  2. Betty evaluated Phyllis
  3. Steve evaluated Insook
Best Evaluator: Betty

Ah Stick: Steve Boles

Business Meeting:
  • Reminder: April 14: Divisoin Contest at Grace Covenant in Cornelius, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Steve Boles won 1st place in Table Topics
  • Tall Tales Contest coming up in July
  • Jessica will be using the article on Matthew Charity's Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program as an example for youth programs statewide.
  • Jessica needs volunteers for youth leadership presentations at the District Conference on Friday and Saturday.
    • Sonny and Cynthia are employed again! 
    • Serena is engaged!
    • Insook is moving to New York!
Next week's Toastmaster: Mike Hall

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