Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, March 24

Hey all you Goldminers!

If you missed Saturday, you missed a good time! Jessica Keyes led the meeting as our Toastmaster. Though we were a small bunch (only 13 members and no guests), we made the most of a great meeting packed with humor and fun (as usual)!

Members in attendance:
  • Richard Archer
  • Sam Mulllis
  • Karen Boothe
  • Insook Lee
  • Betty Walker
  • Cynthia Randolf
  • Serena Haneline
  • Phyllis Kombol
  • Mike Hall
  • Jessica Keyes
  • Sonny Tolbert 
  • Steve Boles
 Phyllis started the meeting on time as our Presiding Officer. Jessica stepped in to give a Thought of the Day and then introduced our Jokemaster, Karen Boothe, who shared a funny joke (yes, some are not so funny). Sam Mullis took a dual role as Wordmaster and General Evaluator. Mike Hall counted ballots and rang the "Ah" bell and Cynthia Randolf did a fab job as Timer (her first time!).

Serena led the Table Topics round as Table Topic Master. The theme was weird REAL words from the dictionary. The following took on the challenge of coming up with the definition of the following words:
  • Steve Boles: "Bouquinist": blooming idiot (Real Definition: "Used Book Salesman")
  • Cynthia Randolf: "Curwhibble": to laugh, have fun (Real Definition: "thing-a-ma-jig" or "whatcha-ma-callit")
  • Karen Boothe: "Rhathymia": to run (Real Definition: "being cheerful, optimistic")
  • Mike Hall: "Hodypeak": lesser peak of a mountain (Real Definition: "blockhead or food")
Best Table Topic Speaker: Steve

  1. Sonny: "A Walk Among the Buffalo" from the Competent Communicator
  2. Phyllis: "95" from Advanced manual: Speaking in Praise
  3. Insook Lee: "The Green Frog and His Widowed Mother" from Advanced manual: Storytelling
Best Speaker: Phyllis

  1. Richard evaluated Steve
  2. Betty evaluated Phyllis
  3. Steve evaluated Insook
Best Evaluator: Betty

Ah Stick: Steve Boles

Business Meeting:
  • Reminder: April 14: Divisoin Contest at Grace Covenant in Cornelius, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Steve Boles won 1st place in Table Topics
  • Tall Tales Contest coming up in July
  • Jessica will be using the article on Matthew Charity's Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program as an example for youth programs statewide.
  • Jessica needs volunteers for youth leadership presentations at the District Conference on Friday and Saturday.
    • Sonny and Cynthia are employed again! 
    • Serena is engaged!
    • Insook is moving to New York!
Next week's Toastmaster: Mike Hall

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pandemonium At Goldmine - March 17, 2011

Pandemonium set in as I opened the meeting this week at the Marriott. It seems a poster was places in the meeting room announcing that coffee etc. was available for in-house guests only, not meeting room attendees. NO COFFEE, are you kidding! Fortunately, Sonny Tolbert got a clarification from the front desk that Goldminers may take advantage of the BEVERAGES only, not the food. (The sign had been displayed for other groups.) I shall live to see another day!

Alex continued with the Thought of the Day but I was so taken back by the lack of caffeine, I have no idea what he said!

Sonny O'Tolbert served as our St. Patrick's Day Toastmaster. (He should have brought Frosted Lucky Charms - they're magically delicious and FREE)

Richard almost humored us with his joke today..... almost, maybe I was having a caffeine withdrawal.

Al challenged us to utilize our latent use of the English language and be well spoken orators today. The word of the day should have been Starbuck's!

Richard, serving as Ah Bell/ Ballot Counter, gave an open roll call in which we were allowed to ring the bell ourselves if we misspoke. He's always so giving!

Perhaps it was the lack of coffee, the missing stopwatch, or the fact that I sat next to Jerry but I was a terrible Timer today. SOS

Betty had some SPRING in her step as Table Topics master.
1. Richard - What's up with all of the birds chirping - what kind of birds are they?
Don't call the sheriff, that's no jailbird he's hearing. He said he doesn't hear any-
thing but could easily identify them if they wouldn't fly away so quickly.
2. Sam - What are those birds talking about?
They're discussing their taxpayer money from the federal government! Actually they're discussing the sun, pleasant weather etc.
3. Steve - Is this beautiful weather determined by the Gulf Stream?
No - it's actually El Nina who sits in the Pacific Ocean and controls the weather. If, when dipping her toe in the water, she gets chilly, we'll have 6 more weeks of cold weather. Forget Groundhog Day- that's a facade.
4. Insook - Yellow is a prevalent spring flower - how do you feel about that?
Insook actually prefers blue, pink or red. Yellow is the color for jealousy and also indicates a passionate person but she would rather be pink!

1. Karen Speech # 3 People First
A great lesson for us all - people first, then money, then things.
Rules for Those Struggling Financially
a. don't lose your $$$
b. don't forget rule #2
c. know the difference between wants and needs (I NEED COFFEE!)

2. Steve - rehearsing his Competition Speech for Monday evening.

Phyllis served as Master Evaluator today, she was perky without coffee - what's her secret?

Cynthia gave her very first evaluation today in which she evaluated to motivate - great job!

Jerry led the round table evaluation of Steve's speech. He disqualified by 3 1/2 minutes and didn't even speak. Was it his heckling earlier or his lack of caffeine that got the better of him?
Only the shadow (and timer) knows!

Winners Today: Sonny O'Tolbert for saving the coffee
Steve - Best Table Topics
Steve - Best Speaker
Cynthia - Best Evaluator

Guest - Former Goldmine Toastmaster - Richard Leagan

Business News

Serena is engaged to be married!!!!!!
BOTH of our stopwatches are missing...and our sanitizer.....and our dictionary. We're getting a new lock!

Please come Monday to Troutman's BBQ and support our very own Steve Boles! See you there.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joyce as the presiding officer opened the meeting.  Sam presented the thought of the day and introduced Al as the Toastmaster. Betty Walker kept track of the "ahs" and other crutch words and counted ballots. Jerry kept us on time. Shyam introduced the word of the day and monitored our use of American English. Kim entertained us with a joke.

Phyllis led in the table topics portion of the meeting. We discovered that Alex's choice for a vacation was Myrtle Beach. Karen is an early bird who gets up at the crack of dawn. Steve Boles had his life changed with the birth of his daughter Sara. And Sonny Tolbert is Irish at heart, if not by nationality.

Jessica Keys spoke to us about the trials and challenges of being a leprechaun. 

Cynthia continued her journey through the basic manual with Competent Communicator project number 2 entitled "Press Forward."

Jessica's presentation was evaluated by Mike.

Cynthia was revealed as an imposter by Steve. He felt her speech reflected skills far beyond what is expected from a new toastmaster.

In the business session upcoming events were reviewed. We were reminded that dues are due.  Quarterly dues are $60.

The awardsd were presented:

Table topics:  Sonny Tolbert
Speaker:  Cynthia Randolf
Evealuator:  Steve Boles
"ah" Stick: Mike Hall

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 3, 2012 Meeting

Insook Lee served as our Toastmaster this week. Her compadres included....
Richard Archer - Thought of the Day
Alex Porter - Grammarian
Joyce Preston - Ah Bell/Ballot
Amy Beam - Jokemaster
Jessica Keyes - Timer

Jerry led the Table Topics portion with a TV Theme.

Richard Archer - If you were on Undercover Boss, what company are you representing? I did not know that Richard is one chicken loving, finger licking Popeye's Chicken fan!

Alex Porter - What would your pitch be if you are on Shark Tank? I'd never even seen the show, thank goodness Alex answered with poise and grace as he explained his Converse Ant Repellant.

Betty Walker - If you're starring in a new prime time TV show, what day of the week would it be shown? Betty is already our Golden Globe Nugget so it wouldn't really matter, we'd watch her everyday!

Richard won and is having his celebratory dinner at....Popeye's Chicken!

Three speakers today;

Mike Hall (evaluated by Serena Haneline) on "Lessons from Calvin & Hobbs"

Lee Johnston (evaluated by Phyllis Kombol) on "America the Broken"

Shyam Narayan (evaluated by Steve Boles) on "Why Sleep When You Can Cook Sweet Potato Curry?' I've often pondered that very question in my own life!

Fabulous job by our General Evaluator - Sam Mullis!

Best Speaker - Shyam
Best Evaluator - Phyllis
Business Section

New member pins have arrived!!
Larry (Betty's husband) is improving daily!!
Jay Johnson's surgery is a success!!

March 19th Contest at Troutman's BBQ - GO STEVE AND GO GOLDMINE!!!!!